Closing #A-1 – part 1 – BUST A MOVE/MAKE IT HAPPEN/TAKE A RISK – HFJ69

Hope everyone’s been focusing on walking by faith and not by sight.  We continued to have such an amazing string of confirmations that went along with this confession. I’ll share a few of them before we MOVE on.

These posts are continuing confirmation of the previous theme to “TAKE ACTION NOW” and “MAKE THINGS HAPPEN” toward fulfilling our destiny (mentioned in – Choosing the Glory Road to the Utmost Life,  and other posts). Though He faithfully does this kind of thing continually, we’re still always amazed by God’s orchestration of words/confirmations. This first series of words was urging us not to continue “tuning our instruments” or waiting for the “perfect time” or “perfect conditions” to step out – but to begin “making music now” – taking the bold/risky steps we need to to fulfill our destiny: 

Stop Tuning Your Instrument and Start Making Music NOW

(FB post July 19) – “People of accomplishment rarely sat back & let things happen to them. They went out & happened to things.” Leonardo Da Vinci (Tweeted by Inspirational Quotes)

(FB post July 23)JESUS!!! More precise confirmation from these words shared Friday ~

“Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Take the moment you have and make it perfect.” ~Tweeted by Inspirational Women ( link to this on Twitter )

The theme continued through a series of sermons the Lord led us to that were full of precise and powerful confirmations, not only of this theme, but of so many other things He’s been saying!!!!! I’m nearly knocked on the floor when I hear them still!

In one of these sermons, TDJakes said ~

“I’m running out of time. Whatever I’m gonna do, I gotta go ahead and do it now. When you’re running out of time, you have to understand that you have to take RISKS. You can’t afford to sit around singing, “Che sara’ sara’. Whatever will be will be. The future’s not ours to see. Che sara’ sara’.” Notice they were singing that when you were 18? Nobody’s singing that now, cause it’s not che sara’ sara’ … You got to MAKE IT HAPPEN or it’s not gonna happen. You got to GET UP OFF YOUR HIND PARTS and BUST A MOVE or nothing is going to happen in your life! Take a risk!” 


Notice our previous themes of RISK, MAKE IT HAPPEN, and GET UP OFF YOUR HIND PARTS and BUST A MOVE (translated – TAKE ACTION NOW – this was also a confirmation of our Pastor saying the Sunday before “WE HAVE TO GET UP OFF OF OUR BLESSED ASSURANCE and DO SOMETHING/or TAKE ACTION.”)! This TDJ sermon had SO MANY other confirmations – including another confirmation about not backing down from “the sharks” (see: Don’t Back Down from the Sharks). “The RISK of being bitten is the cost of getting up …If you don’t mind swimming through a few gators, you can swim right into the palace. God will let you swim through the snakes…” At first TDJ was talking about this concept in terms of alligators. I thought – “Though he’s saying alligators, I believe the Lord’s confirming the word He gave us that we’re not to back down from the sharks.” After I thought that, Jakes then referred to the same principle using the word “SHARKS!”

You can hear his whole sermon “Your Opposition is Your Opportunity” pts 1 and 2 on Youtube

Your Opposition is Your Opportunity ~ Part 1

Your Opposition is Your Opportunity ~ Part 2

to be continued… (see part 2 here)
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