confession #11‏ – HFJ58

Here’s confession #11:

“God is watching to make sure that His Word is fulfilled! (Jeremiah 1:12)”


If you didn’t get a chance to see the FB posts about God urging us to be crying out for the Latter Rain in this season leading up to Pentecost, here is a link for one of those words and a powerful confirmation that came a few days later:

ASK the Lord for the Latter Rain
More Latter Rain Confirmation

What Robin said about PREPARATION has also been one of the KEY WORDs for us during this season!

Also, I posted briefly about additional confirmation I received for one of the themes shared in the last message – “PERSISTENCE” – and how the Lord has been connecting that to other words about “BREAKTHROUGH,” “SPEEDILY.” –


Have a blessed and PERSISTENT weekend as you continue to press through to your breakthrough!



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