Confirmations of confession #13 ~ part 2 ~ the Pool called SENT – HFJ72

(Part 2 – continued from part 1)

Here are some of the notes from Paula’s message that the Lord led us to in response to our question about His instruction to wash our eyes in the Pool called “SENT” so we can SEE to follow Him forward into His call:

“In every place and among all people there is always a chosen company that has been marked to bring forth the purpose of God.
And greatness, when I begin to reference greatness, (means):
– to display the SUPERnatural
– to show the world that God is a real God
– that God is a Healer, a Deliverer, a Provider, a Restorer
– that God can do ALL THINGS – there’s NOTHING TOO DIFFICULT for the God we serve
– that He is the Creator
– the same yesterday, today, and forevermore.

…It’s not just external greatness, but an internal greatness. It’s the GREATNESS of Christ IN YOU – the expectation of GLORY (Col 1:27) – the hope of God IN YOU. We have this treasure/deposit/wealth on the inside of us in this earthen vessel (II Cor 4:7) (taking us back to the themes from the Incalculable Wealth notes). So there’s greatness lodged on the inside of us. … Greatness doesn’t just happen…. It’s important that your greatness is activated – that you become ALL God created you to be.

… And until you grasp the truth that you’re destined and designed for GREATNESS – that you’re designed to walk in the SUPERnatural –  that you’re designed to bring forth the glory of God – that you’re commanded and commissioned to leave legacy and build succession and to build something and leave something bigger than your own lifetime – until you really grasp the truth of that – that you’re called to carry forth the power of God – that power’s not just in the pulpit; power’s in the pew – that God has called you to do EXTRAORDINARY things – SUPERnatural things – then you can never fully apprehend your royal SENTpotential – that you reign as a king in the earth – that God has called you as a royal priesthood – that you have a job to do for Jesus (taking us back to the themes from the Get Your SUPER on notesthe Salt and Pillar notes, Formed in the Secret Place notes, and Choosing the Glory Road… notes).

Look, your birth was not an accident, it wasn’t a coincidence, … because you’re a SENT person. Your purpose is unique. You HAD to be here. When you begin to understand and recognize that you are SENT you act different. SENT people think different. SENT people talk different. SENT people walk different. SENT people show up different. I wasn’t invited to this earth, I was SENT to this earth. I came from Christ; I return to Christ. …I clocked into purpose on (the day I was born); I was SENT here. … When you get a clue of WHO YOU REALLY ARE – that you’re a SENT person… (taking us back to the message of how essential it is to receive the revelation of who we are – like Neo in The Matrix – see Formed in the Secret Place part 5) –  SENT people don’t ask for permission; SENT people don’t try to fit in; SENT people understand that they’re here on purpose; SENT people prophesy; SENT people shift things; SENT people walk in places that others don’t dare to go. When you understand that you’re a SENT person, you know that man didn’t put you in, so man can’t take you out, so nobody can disqualify your destiny. You’re the only person that can mess this up. … When you’re a SENT person you understand that man can’t make you and man can’t take you out…. That’s liberating and gives you freedom because you recognize that you’re a person on purpose.

It’s important that you understand purpose. Your Kingdom usefulness is determined by your commitment to purpose. So when you understand that you have a supreme reason for your existence, that there’s a divine prescription that you’ve been SENT for and you understand your position, then you’re UNSTOPPABLE (more of our immovable, unshakable, unbreakable, unstoppable themes since 2011-12). I don’t care what they say about you, what they lie about you, how they walk out, how they break your heart, how they betray you, what they do to you, how many rocks they pile on you and try to stone you. You’re like Paul; the disciples backed up off him, but he lifted himself up. There’s something on the inside of you that causes you to lift yourself up. You’re like David; he encouraged himself. (These were confirmations of messages He’d given us about David at Ziklag). He reached deep within and he pulled up hope from the inside – because you recognize, “I’m SENT;  I’m here on purpose. God has a beginning and He has an ending for me. His name is Alpha and His Name is Omega. And just because you’re in the middle of the mess doesn’t mean it’s the end of the story. That was just a chapter. Wait till you see what the Lord’s getting ready to do and He’s gonna to do it in front of everybody!

You know you’re SENT when you make it through some things that you should have never survived! You know you’re SENT when God keeps KEEPING you and PRESERVING you and His hand is upon you. You know you’re SENT when you should have lost your mind, had a total nervous breakdown, be full of bitterness, so broken you could never get it back together. But the devil is a liar. You have been SENT. When you have been SENT, God watches over what He sends. … you’re a SENT person to demonstrate to this world the glory of God. (When) you’ve been SENT, there’s an assignment. … When you’re SENT, you’re a remnant. You survive things. …remnant means that which is left over, that which has survived. And whenever God goes to do something great, He always uses a remnant. … There had to be a pruning process, a purging process, a cutting back process, because God said – “What I’m releasing as inheritance (now), not everybody could handle. So I had to cut away some things. I had to cut back some things. But… get ready because… you’re about to see the hand of God.

SENT people are remnant people – God has a way of protecting that which He SENT. Gen 45:7 – Joseph said – “but God SENT me ahead of you to preserve a remnant on the earth – to save your life with a great deliverance. (This was more precise confirmation of the word from Psalm 105 God has given us so many times since 2011 – telling us that part of this process has been to allow His IRON to enter our souls!!) … SENT people understand there is something behind me that I’m responsible for PRESERVING. … When I’m a SENT person it’s not just about getting [material things]. When I’m SENT, I recognize that I’m PRESERVED … that God will allow me to go through some things to go ahead [of others] because I’m to PRESERVE a posterity. (WOW! More confirmation of Continued Revelation from 3 films… notes, and the Becoming SALT and PILLARS notesHe has called the remnant to PRESERVE THE TRUTH OF HIS WORD!) I’ve been raised up for the kingdom and my usefulness for the kingdom is my commitment to the purpose. … You’re entering a whole new season; everything is shifting, because when you get the revelation that you’re a person on purpose and on assignment – in position – there are NO LIMITATIONS to you (more confirmation of many LIMITLESS/NO LIMITS words from this year including the Incalculable Wealth Notes, the Becoming SALT and PILLARS notes and others – “posts with LIMITLESS”). I’m SENT. I’m not asking permission. I’m not asking if you’re happy about it. I’ve been SENT. God’s getting ready to release you into a whole new place.” ~ Paula White

We recognized that this revelation of being SENT was God’s continued response to our prayers to help us become FULLY PERSUADED of who He’s created us to be and what He’s created us to do, so that we will believe it enough to finally do it (like Neo in the Matrix) – which He was emphasizing earlier this year, as shared in the “Formed in the Secret Place” part 5. I hope this message blesses you as much as it did us! But God still wasn’t done!

To be continued… (see part 3 here)
Blessings and Prayers!

SENT on a mission by Jesus

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