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Sorry for the delay between posts again. We were so blessed to be able to attend the Joyce Meyer conference here last Thursday-Saturday with some of our dear friends from church. The Lord even blessed Jesse and me with front row seats Joyce 5at the last moment for the final service on Saturday morning – which was a very special and much needed kiss from Him. We might have to buy the DVDs instead of CDs for this conference, since people we know will likely be shown in the crowd. 🙂 (click photo to see larger size; you can see our album here)

A few days after hearing the astounding confirmations of the revelation of being SENT in the Paula message, shared in part 2, we were catching up on a past Joyce program. In this message, Joyce was interviewing Pastor Craig Groeschel (whom we had never heard of). Immediately we began hearing confirmations:

“If you don’t know who you are, then you don’t know what to do. When you know who you are, then you know what to do. … You have to know who you are in order to fulfill your calling. The identity comes first and then the overflow of the expression of the gifts.” (Later Joyce’s announcer said,) “Knowing who you are in Christ is an absolute necessity in order to become a world changer.” (This was more confirmation of the themes from Neo and Alice – of having to come to believe who God called/created us to be and what He called/created us to do, so that we will finally do it – as discussed in Formed in the Secret place – pt 5).

“God sees things in people that they don’t see in themselves.” (This was precise confirmation of a theme that began on May 26 this year when the Lord led us to watch the Green Lantern and blew us away with all the confirmations in it of things He’d been speaking to us. I was hoping to share notes from it at some point, but for now will just share the scene between Hal and Carol where we heard the voice of the Lord through Carol.

Carol Ferris: …You’re just gonna have to stop it (referring to the enemy and his plans).
Hal Jordan: Oh, just gonna have to stop it! Well, I tried that and I failed…. I told you the ring (which had CHOSEN him for this assignment) made a mistake. (representing feeling as though God made a mistake in choosing us to fulfill our callings/assignments)
Carol: Wait, go back. How did the ring make a mistake?
Hal: The one thing that a Green Lantern is supposed to be is FEARLESS. FEARLESS, is the JOB DESCRIPTION. That isn’t me. (WOW! Confirmation of the FEARLESS theme surrounding the SALT notes and before. The Lord had even given us this word as part of the “JOB DESCRIPTION” of BEING SALT!! See part 2 of Becoming SALT and PILLARS ! JESUS!!!)
Carol: So you’re just gonna walk away again? … Please explain to me, just once, why?
Hal: Because I’m afraid!
Carol: You don’t think your dad ever felt afraid?
Hal: If he did, he’d figure out some way to beat it.
Carol: Yeh, well there’s a word for that – COURAGE.
Hal: They said that the ring wouldn’t have CHOSEN me if it didn’t see something. Something I don’t see.
Carol: I SEE IT. I ALWAYS HAVE. The ring didn’t see that you were fearless. It saw that you had the ability to OVERCOME FEAR. It saw that you’re COURAGEOUS. Which you are. Just like your dad (Courageous like our Dad, Abba Father, God).

After we heard the voice of the Lord through this scene, He then began to confirm it repeatedly in the coming days/weeks, surrounding us with this same message from multiple different sources – including our pastor who said a few weeks afterward that God sees things in us that we don’t see in ourselves. We knew he was trackin’ in the Spirit once again with what we were hearing from God.)

Craig talked about how God knew exactly what He was doing when He made each of us…. And He put us at the exact right time in history for us to fulfill our purpose in bringing Him the most glory. (This was more confirmation of Rick Renner’s devo I posted on FB that God also gave us multiple times during this season – You Are No Accident Because God CHOSE You). Then we were in awe when Craig began to talk about the importance of the revelation of being SENT!!

chosen“People need to understand who they are; and if we’re a follower of Jesus, He says we’re an ambassador. An ambassador is the highest ranking official SENT from one nation to represent that nation to another. As a follower of Jesus, this world is not my home. As an ambassador, I’m the highest ranking representative SENT from Heaven…. I wasn’t CHOSEN by people; I was ELECTED and APPOINTED by God.” (Clearly this was more confirmation of the SENT theme – but this last part was also powerful confirmation of what God was stressing to us at this time. He touched on this through Paula’s message in part 2, but then emphasized this to us in even greater measure later. We had started asking Him to confirm what He wanted us to do in a very specific way (involving man). He had responded to this request by taking us to the passages where the apostle Paul said repeatedly that he was not an apostle by the appointment of man, but by God Himself, and that he did not need to confer with flesh and blood [or consult with people] about his call. The Lord immediately confirmed these words for us through bishop Joshua and Ms. Barb at church. He also gave us the passage again where Jesus said that He did not need the testimony of man – a passage He’d first given us in 2011 when He gave us one of our primary callings. So we knew this specific theme was also something important He desperately needed to lovingly pound through our heads.) 😉 

“Everyone who’s been born into the family of God [needs] to realize they’re an ambassador. …They’re not a regular person…. People may say – ‘I just  (fill in the blank with your job).’ NO! You’re the highest ranking representative of God agent of GodSENT ON A MISSION into that place. … You’re the representative of God. When you start to see yourself as that, it builds a God-confidence – a Christ-centeredness – that I’m on a MISSION. I’m not just here to do a job (that I may or may not like). I’m here representing the King of kings and Lord of lords in this place. And that overflows into a spirit of excellence … [a desire] to serve Him faithfully… to love people with integrity. It changes your whole countenance and ultimately it will change your destiny. When you know who you are, you’ll know what to do.”

“God is serious about you. Are you serious about Him? God cares about you; He gave you gifts; He gave you talents; You have a calling, a purpose. Yet, if you’re not serious about Him, you’re going to miss the reason you were created to bring Him glory in all you do.” (GOD FORBID! LORD help each one of us to discover and fulfill the purpose for which you created us, called us, chose us, and SENT US to this earth!)

There’s still enough material that God poured out from this theme for several more notes. But at the same time it’s unmistakably clear that He’s heavily emphasizing and camping out on the message from the next confession right now – so I know I’m lagging behind on getting that to you. I hope to send you at least one more note that goes along with this message tomorrow and get the new confession to you too, whether or not I’ve finished the confirmations from the last one. Please remember to be praying for our nation to wholeheartedly repent and return to the Lord as we remember 9/11 today (and every day)!

Blessings and Prayers!
Laura   (see part 4 here)

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