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That weekend, our pastor also briefly mentioned that we are God’s ambassadors SENT to represent Him! We knew the Lord was continuing to confirm. Then Tuesday night (8/12), we read the next chapter of A Purpose Driven Life -“YOU WERE MADE FOR A MISSION.” As soon as Jesse began reading we were overwhelmed with confirmations and they continued the entire time. (This was the book God spoke to both of us separately to read last year during the same couple of days of seeking – as mentioned in Counterfeit Clarity pt 1and it has truly proven to be a God-orchestrated endeavor that He has used to pour out precise confirmations for us, chapter after chapter. I recommend reading the whole book at some point, but if you don’t have a copy and want to read this entire chapter, you can probably find it online.) Rick Warren wrote, 

“Our English word mission comes from the Latin word for “SENDING.” Being a Christian includes being SENT into the world as a representative of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, AS THE FATHER HAS SENT ME, I AM SENDING GO - great commissionYOU.” … He saves us and then SENDS us out. The Bible says, ‘We have been SENT to speak for Christ.”… Fulfilling your life mission on earth is an essential part of living for God’s glory. … Jesus calls us not only to come to him, but to GO for him. … In the Great Commission Jesus said, Go to the people of all nations and make them my disciples. Baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to do everything I have told you.This commission was given to every follower of Jesus, not to pastors and missionaries alone. This is your commission from Jesus, and it is NOT OPTIONAL. These words of Jesus are not the Great Suggestion. If you are a part of God’s family, your mission is MANDATORY. To ignore it would be disobedience. (So much confirmation here)

“You may have been unaware that God holds you responsible for the unbelievers who live around you. The Bible says, “You must warn them so they may live. If you don’t speak out to warn the wicked to stop their evil ways, they will die in their sin. But I will hold you responsible for their death. You are the only Christian some people will ever know, and your mission is to share Jesus with them. (more confirmation of this consistent theme of blood being on our hands if we fail to speak to others what God is asking us to – in fact, I was amazed AGAIN, as I reread this chapter in preparation to write this note, to hear our pastor say these same statements nearly verbatim this past Sunday.) …Telling others how they can have eternal life is the greatest thing you can do for them. If your neighbor had cancer or AIDS and you knew the cure, it would be criminal to withhold that lifesaving information. Even worse is to keep secret the way to forgiveness, purpose, peace, and eternal life. …

Great commission not great suggestionYour mission has eternal significance. … The consequences of your mission will last forever; the consequences of your job {or other achievements/goals/pursuits in life} will not. Nothing else you do will ever matter as much as helping people establish an eternal relationship with God. This is why we must be URGENT about our mission. Jesus said, All of us must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the one who sent me, because there is little time left before the night falls and all work comes to an end. THE CLOCK IS TICKING DOWN on your life mission, so DON’T DELAY ANOTHER DAY. Get started on your mission of reaching out to others NOW! … (more confirmation of this verse He was giving us previously -see Formed in the Secret Place pt 1 – the themes of urgency 9-1-1 – TAKE ACTION NOW – TIME IS RUNNING OUT– Jesse’s dream of Jesus moving the clock forward, saying He was accelerating the time of His return, and even a word He gave that said TIME IS TICKING. We read this chapter right at the end of receiving that entire series of words from the Lord – so we were OVERWHELMED by this additional confirmation!)

“…As a student, mother, preschool teacher, salesman, or manager or whatever you do, you should continually look for people God places in your path with whom you can share the gospel. Your mission gives your life meaning. …The truth is, only the kingdom of God is going to last. Everything else will eventually vanish. That is why we must live purpose driven lives-lives committed to worship, fellowship, spiritual growth, ministry, and fulfilling our mission on earth. The results of these activities will last-forever! (Only what’s done for Christ will last) If you fail to fulfill your God-given mission on earth, you will have wasted the life God gave you. There are people on this planet whom only you will be able to reach, because of where you live and what God has made you to be. If just one person will be in heaven because of you, your life will have made a difference for eternity. Start looking around at your personal mission field and pray, “God, who have you put in my life for me to tell about Jesus?” 

“To fulfill your mission will require that you abandon your agenda and accept God’s agenda for your life. You can’t just “tack it on” to all the other things you’d like to do with your life. You must say, like Jesus, “Father, … I want your will, not mine.” You yield your rights, expectations, dreams, plans, and ambitions to him. … You hand God a blank sheet with your name signed at the bottom and tell him to fill in the details. The Bible says, “GIVE YOURSELVES COMPLETELY TO GOD-EVERY PART OF YOU (confirmations of themes of total surrender and total sacrifice – laying all on altar – giving all to the Lord – as He was stressing through Counterfeit Clarity pt 1 and pts 1-3 of No Sacrifice; No Victory and other previous notes) “If you will commit to fulfilling your mission in life no matter what it costs, you will experience the blessing of God in ways that few people ever experience. There is almost nothing God won’t do for the man or woman who is committed to serving the kingdom of God. Jesus has promised, [God] will give you all you need from day to day if you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern.” (Copyright, Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life)

Needless to say, God once again blew us away by bringing all these major words/confirmations about the revelation of being SENT within a week of us asking if He was telling us (through John 9) that we must wash our eyes in the Pool called SENT so that we can see to follow Him forward into His call. After writing part 3, He continued to stress these things, reminding me through I Peter 2 that Jesus too was rejected by man, but CHOSEN by God and precious to Him. God is still in the business of taking those that people reject and selecting them to be a significant part of His plan.

But you are a CHOSEN people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. I Peter 2:9

It appears I will have to send one more message to wrap up confession #13 and share confession #14 (hopefully tomorrow) since when I included it all here it was a bit long. Praying we will all walk in the full revelation of being CHOSEN, APPOINTED, and SENT ~ that we will know our specific callings, anointings, and appointments (in addition to the one we all share of the Great Commission) and that they will be activated in us, fanned into flame, and coming forth in full measure so that we reach our full potential ~ accomplishing all God desires and achieving the purpose for which He SENT us. We pray that none try to convince God to conform to their agenda, but that we will lay all on the altar and give Him the complete surrender, sacrifice, service, and SUBMISSION TO THE MISSION that’s necessary to fulfill His purpose! We pray that each of us will understand the urgency of the hour and be busy about our Father’s business, so that we can quickly carry out the tasks assigned to us and bring in the entire harvest before it’s too late. We pray that we will all know when we leave this earth that we have fought the good fight, kept the faith, and finished the work He has given us, and will hear Him say, “Well Done!” As we’ll be singing tomorrow morning during worship, let’s have a STRONG FINISH with STRONG FAITH! redneck_greatcommission

Blessings and Prayers!
Laura   (see conclusion here)

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