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In the last post we introduced our current confession (#14):

The NAME of the Lord is Mighty in Power! It is a Strong Tower that I run to and am saved (healed, delivered, protected, preserved)! God protects me by the Power of Jesus’ NAME! (Jeremiah 10:6, Proverbs 18:10, John 17:11)

name of Lord towerAs mentioned previously, the Lord began bringing messages/confirmations about the POWER in His NAME while I was still trying to get my act together to write/post all the confirmations for confession #13. When He does that, it let’s me know He’s urging me FORWARD. In fact, immediately after I posted the message where I told you He was already surrounding me with confirmations of our next confession (to prod me along), I got on my FB newsfeed (which I’m rarely on) and there was a BIG picture post from IHOP (International House of Prayer) with the title – “The Name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous runs into it and is safe” (Pr. 18:10). There were so many of these confirmations right in a row for a few weeks and I wish I’d written more of them down. During that time, while I was already saying, “Yes God! I hear you!” we went to rehearsal (for the worship team) one night before Wednesday night service. When we arrived, we learned that Pastor Marcus had changed the song list to include a new song he’d just heard. The song was “There is Power in the Name of Jesus” by Lincoln Brewster. I had to laugh (and marvel) – “Yes Lord! Yes! I get that you’re absolutely emphasizing this everywhere we turn! Help us walk in the FULLNESS of the revelation of the POWER that’s in Your NAME!”

The chorus and bridge of the song say:

There is power in the Name of Jesus; There is power, power in His Name (repeat)

One Name, one Name can save; One Name, breaks every chain
One Name, always; one Name, Jesus
One Name, one Name remains; One Name, we will proclaim
One Name, always; one Name  (To listen to this song click here )

As if I wasn’t already amazed by the Lord’s continued confirmations (and our worship pastor’s sensitivity to the Spirit to choose songs with words/themes that the Lord is currently emphasizing), we actually ended up singing this song as a power-in-the-namemedley with another song called “No Other Name” by PlanetShakers:

The Name of Jesus is GREATER; The Name of Jesus is STRONGER; The Name of Jesus is HIGH ABOVE EVERYTHING (or all things)
The Name of Jesus is BIGGER; The Name of Jesus HAS POWER; The Name of Jesus is HIGH ABOVE EVERYTHING

Thereʼs just something about the Name of Jesus (repeat)
Jesus Name above all names
Healer the one who takes all pain
Savior risen from the grave
Your Name is Jesus, Lord over all

The Name of Jesus BRINGS HEALING
; The Name of Jesus BRINGS FREEDOM; The Name of Jesus is HIGH ABOVE EVERYTHING
The Name of Jesus IS VICTORY; The Name of Jesus HAS SAVED ME; The Name of Jesus is HIGH ABOVE EVERYTHING
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, No other name, no other name like (repeat x 3)
JESUS (To listen to this song click here )


During this time we also saw an awesome testimony of deliverance from armed robbery through the POWER of Jesus’ Name! The Testimony was even entitled, “The Power in the Name of Jesus.” (watch video here: )

When we saw this, the Lord reminded me of a similar testimony that had aired in the past. Though the reenactment undoubtedly does not do justice to what actually happened, it’s still amazing to hear about the boldness that came upon these women (as well as the woman featured in the testimony above) and to see the results of power and authority of Jesus’ Name in these situations. (watch video here: )

name mighty in powerI loved that the Lord brought these testimonies up this time, since confession #14 specifically focuses on the power in Jesus’ Name to PROTECT US!

I just remembered a few of the other confirmations, but since this is already long enough perhaps I’ll share those later. As we continue to meditate on the Power inherent in Jesus’ Name in the upcoming confessions, I pray we will fully grasp, comprehend, and walk in the experiential knowledge of the Power of His Name in every situation and circumstance in our lives – seeing the lost radically saved, the sick totally healed, demons permanently flee, captives completely set free, mountains of obstacles and opposition dramatically removed, the gates of hell utterly overthrown, and God’s Kingdom invading earth with MIRACLE-WORKING POWER everywhere we go. I leave you today with one of the confessions from one of my other confessions lists that I recently read: 

We are not like those who shrink back in shame or doubt. We are BOLD WARRIORS who already know the battle is won! We go into battle with God’s battle cry knowing that God is MUCH STRONGER, much more skilled, and has a greater history of VICTORY over ALL His enemies. Because we fear His NAME, He will show Himself strong on our behalf. We prepare ourselves and stand at the door of expectation, awaiting the great things God is going to do for us. He stretches down His hand from heaven and rescues us! He sets our feet upon a rock and establishes our steps before us because we fear His NAME and tremble at His Word. (adapted from Psalm 18, 40, 144, Isaiah 66:2, and others – and Ivan Tait’s Letters from God)

(God’s delivering power to RESCUE US has been a recurring theme in the past several months. Another recurring theme in the past several weeks has been about His ability to work ALL THINGS together for GOOD for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. So for those whose circumstances are telling you that there’s no way out of the predicament you’re in, that you cannot recover this time, that it’s the end of the road for you and your destiny – remind your circumstances (and the devil – and yourself) of these promises from God. Eat them, breathe them, proclaim (pro-claim them), and hook up a continual IV supply of them to your heart and mind until your faith is strengthened to the point of being sure and certain of the fulfillment of His Word!

And don’t forget to RUN to the NAME of JESUS!!!

Blessings and Prayers!
Laura Tyree

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