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This week, while the Scripture confession we’re meditating on is how God’s Word is life to our WHOLE BODY, and HEALING and HEALTH to ALL OUR FLESH, I’ve been listening intently to see how He would reinforce that truth to help make it greater heart revelation. I was not necessarily desiring confirmations of that specific verse to come up repeatedly ~ but was desiring to receive whatever WORD He knew would most reinforce this truth and would be LIFE to my WHOLE BODY/HEALING AND HEALTH to ALL MY FLESH. The Scripture that has emerged this week as a theme (probably at least 4 times now) has been Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

There’s sufficient power-packed revelation in that one Scripture, that if we could soak it up and grasp its full implications, it could definitely enable us to receive Life in our WHOLE BODY and Healing and Health in ALL our Flesh.

The One who walked the earth 2,000 years ago, who healed ALL who came to Him in faith, is the SAME JESUS today as He was then. We don’t have to just read the accounts of the wonderful things He did that are recorded in Scripture, wishing that somehow we could have been alive during the time He was here in the flesh so He could minister to us. We ARE ALIVE DURING THE TIME HE IS HERE to minister to us. He is here IN US now, still able and willing to do all those things we read about in His Word ~ still able and willing to heal ALL who come to Him in faith! He is the Same Today! Christ IN US, the HOPE (confident expectation) of GLORY!

But of course, the recurrence of this verse in light of our confession also brought to mind the connection God made in my mind years ago that since JESUS IS THE WORD, we can also say JESUS is life to our WHOLE body, and healing and health to ALL OUR FLESH! Again, this is to be combined with the revelation that He is IN US.
~ IN US to give life to our whole body, healing and health to all our flesh (which we can meditate on as we partake of His body- the Bread of Life – in communion).
~ IN US with His same Spirit and same power that raised Him from the dead in order to give LIFE to our mortal bodies.
~ IN US to take care of our body as one would his OWN BODY that he loves – because we ARE members of HIS OWN BODY that He loves.

But now we’re getting into future confessions (hard to resist because of how He ties them all together and uses one to further confirm and re-emphasize another). This is one of the future pages of confessions that the Lord was bringing to mind in light of focusing on JESUS as the LIVING WORD ~ the same yesterday, today, and forever ~ who is IN US bringing Life to our WHOLE BODY, HEALING and HEALTH to ALL OUR FLESH:

“MY BODY IS FOR THE LORD and THE LORD IS FOR MY BODY! (from I Corinthians 6:13b)”

 “Jesus TAKES CARE OF MY BODY, JUST AS SOMEONE WOULD TAKE CARE OF HIS OWN BODY THAT HE LOVES (feeding it, caring for it, protecting it, etc.), because I AM A MEMBER OF HIS OWN BODY THAT HE LOVES. (from Ephesians 5:29-30)”

 “God’s Word is LIFE and HEALTH to my WHOLE BODY, and Jesus IS the Word. Therefore, JESUS is Life and Health to My WHOLE BODY! He is IN ME ~ giving LIFE to my WHOLE body and HEALTH to ALL my flesh! (from Proverbs 4:20-22, John 1:1-18; 14:15-23; 15:1-8)”

 “JESUS CHRIST HEALS ME! (from Acts 9:34)”

Would love to hear if God is quickening a different passage (or passages) to you this week as you meditate on confession #8 in order to further DEMONSTRATE and bring heart revelation to you of the truth that His Word (and Jesus Himself, the living Word) is life to our whole body, healing and health to ALL our flesh! I hope that adding these new facets to your meditation (that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and is the Word Who is in us – with the same Spirit and same power giving life to our whole body and health to all our flesh) will help confession #8 come alive and take root in an even deeper way. 

Blessings and Prayers! Laura

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