“GET MOVING!” – Powerful Confirmations of MANY Previous Words from This Season – (HFJ78)

We’re falling out over these continued confirmations of MANY of our themes from this season! I haven’t had a chance to put together the confirmations from Henry Fernandez’s message yet, so I wanted to go ahead and pass this word along in case it’s confirmation for any of you as well. I suspect it is. It’s an excerpt from Daniel Kolenda’s book (who works for evangelist Reinhard Bonnke) that I received in an email yesterday morning from his ministry. It ties together so many of the words God has surrounded us with in the past months! I’m NOT so thrilled with the fact that He’s STILL having to give us more confirmations of these messages – meaning we’ve still not fully comprehended and TAKEN ACTION on what He’s been urging us to do through these words (which we’re painfully aware of). Nonetheless, I’m very thankful that He’s longsuffering ~ continuing to surround us with as many confirmations as we need until we do GET IT. Pray for us, y’all!

Get Moving ~ by Daniel Kolenda
Secret #5 – Part 2: This Bible study has been taken from chapter 10 of LIVE BEFORE YOU DIE)
(Even the title of his book is confirmation of the words about running out of time, the brevity of life, etc. And I’m sure you recognize the title of the article is confirmation of our previous themes!)

In order to fly, an airplane needs “lift.” Lift comes from speed, and speed comes from “thrust.” Thrust is the power that pushes the aircraft forward, and without it nothing else matters. The aerodynamic design, the well-trained pilot in the cockpit, the sophisticated navigational technology, and the tank full of jet fuel are all useless unless the engines come alive and provide forward motion. (This is precise confirmation of a message God was RE-emphasizing to us again last week – that it doesn’t matter how much power a car has or how much gas is in the tank (how much potential the car has) – if you don’t put the key in the ignition and turn it, that potential will never be realized or unleashed and you’ll never get anywhere.) In your life the only one who can provide the forward motion is you. God will be your pilot. He will provide the wind beneath your wings and the fuel in your tank, but you have to give Him some momentum to work with. You cannot do God’s part, and God will not do your part. (This is confirmation of a whole series of words from this season that has provoked us to cry out for wisdom to understand “OUR PART.” God has responded to these cries repeatedly with words that have specifically stated, “Your part is….” Just like here ~ ) Your part is to get into gear, GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDE, AND GET MOVING. (Lord, have mercy! This is more precise confirmation of the whole series of words about “get moving,” “BE MOVED,” “movement,” “get up off your hind parts and bust a move,” “get up off your blessed assurance and do something,” “take action now,” etc – as shared inBust a Move/Make It Happen/Take a RiskandGod’s 9-1-1” – and the links provided within those notes. Of course, we haven’t been lounging since we took the leap of faith He called us to, so these kinds of words can be disconcerting when you’re doing all you know to do. Clearly, they indicate that there’s MORE ~ something else He’s calling us to do which we’ve not yet fully understood in order to get in alignment with His instructions.)

Reinhard Bonnke has said, “God will lift you out of the deepest pit, but He won’t lift you out of an easy chair—you have to do that yourself.” So what are you waiting for? How long will you do nothing while you grow old in the wilderness of inaction? (JESUS! This is precise confirmation of certain Scriptures the Lord has given us which in effect said – “The land before you is good – will you do nothing? Don’t be slow about going up to possess it” and “How long will you wait before you begin to take possession of the land?!” It’s also more confirmation of words about how He’s calling His people to get out of our “comfort zone” and do what is “uncomfortable” and “inconvenient” in order to fulfill His call. God began speaking about that in 2011, but really began to heavily stress it earlier this year – as shared in the “Taking Back Lost Territory” notes [esp. pts 1 &3] and “Glory Road” pt 2.)

It is true that God opens doors, and sometimes particular doors are not opened for a variety of reasons. But it is very unlikely that all the doors are shut. Imagine a man sitting at a red light in the downtown area of a big city. The light in front of him turns green, but when he looks ahead he sees that the next five lights are still red. Should he sit at the green light in front of him and just wait for all the other lights to turn green as well? Of course not! He should MOVE through the green light he has. Yet many people fail to move through the green light God has given them because they foresee obstacles ahead that they don’t know how to handle. (As we were praying about one decision in particular recently, we heard Paula White testify about how she got from where she started to where she is now. She shared that God kept opening one door for her and she’d walk through it. Then He’d open another and she’d walk through that, etc. – all the way to where she is now. I was reminded that when we first started praying about that decision, before we could see ANY open doors, He’d showed me a picture of a red doors green doorhallway full of red doors…except for ONE that was GREEN. Through this He encouraged us to knock and keep on knocking until we found the door that would open. We felt God was confirming through what Paula said, and other words He gave us as we sought, that we needed to go ahead and enter the “green” door that was obviously open. Of course we would never advise someone to apply this indiscriminately in every situation. We’ve also had times where we had evident open doors (green lights) from man, but RED LIGHTS from God. As we sought, He revealed they were counterfeits and not His will for us. So seeking God’s divine wisdom for our specific circumstances is of paramount importance.)

In Joshua 3 we read about the children of Israel encountering the obstacle of the Jordan River, which was overflowing and impossible to cross. In obedience to the Lord Joshua told the priests to take the ark of the covenant and go forward into the waters of the Jordan. This surely would have seemed like a ridiculous idea, but look at what happened.

And when those who carried the ark came into the Jordan, and the feet of the priests carrying the ark were dipped in the edge of the water… the waters which were flowing down from above stood and rose up in one heap… So the people crossed opposite Jericho.  Joshua 3:15-16, NAS

Now if Joshua had been trained in one of our fine Bible colleges, he probably would have given more mature advice. He would have said, “Gentlemen, we are going to wait right here until the Lord ‘opens a door’ for us.” But if that had been his command, their skeletons would still be decomposing somewhere on the banks of the Jordan River, because the water was not going to part for them until their feet got wet! My friend, sometimes you need to just go ahead and get your feet wet in faith and see what the Lord will do for you! (Though the part above speaks about knowing when to move forward through open doors/green lights that we can israelites-crossing-jordan-river-joshua-ashxclearly see, the Lord is continuing to confirm through this paragraph that it’s also vitally important that we understand when He’s calling us to go forward even when we can’t yet see the way. This is more confirmation of many words from this season, including the John Paul Jackson word –Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees where the Lord continued to stress that sometimes we have to take the next step in faith before we can even “SEE” it [since we’d been crying out to “SEE” what that next step was]. It also goes with His series of words GO and I’ll Show You” ~ “OBEY So You Can SEE” – and the powerful  follow-up to that word. Additionally, through this paragraph He brought back to mind the specific confirmation we’d recently been asking Him for (a type of open door we were requesting) which involved “man” – as shared in pt 3 of The Pool Called Sent – and how He had responded to that request with a series of words stating that we don’t need the testimony/approval of man when He has called/appointed us. This response also confirmed that at times He will ask us to step out to do something even when there is no evident open door or green light from people. Whereas above I mentioned that there may be times when we receive open doors/green lights from man, but RED LIGHTS from God – this shows that there may also be times where we receive closed doors/red lights from man/circumstances, but GREEN LIGHTS from God. Remember, when the Lord we serve encounters a door locked tight by men, He can walk through the walls – John 20:19.) 🙂

In Matthew 14:22-29 we read the story of how Peter walked on the water. … People often criticize Peter for taking his eyes off Jesus and sinking, but I admire him for being the only one willing to get out of the boat. You will never walk on water if you’re not willing to step out of the boat! This secret is so simple and yet underemphasized in the Christian world. Some people seem to think that taking action demonstrates a lack of faith. On the contrary, faith without works is dead! Said another way, faith without action is dead! (This is more precise confirmation of words He’s been giving since the beginning of this season when He began calling us to make a leap of faith. None of us would desire to hear that according to the Lord’s assessment our faith is “dead,” so I pray we’ll all receive the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of what actions He’s wanting us to take to complete our faith… and then be DOERS of what He shows us!). All of the planning, waiting, and wishing is wasted time if you are not going to TAKE ACTION. If you want to learn to swim, you are going to have to go ahead and take the plunge. (Clearly this is more precise confirmation of the “TAKE ACTION NOW” theme – and about the need to sometimes act/leap FIRST in obedience to God and then let Him instruct us further AS WE GO.)

We are usually all too aware of our inadequacies and deficiencies. The best way to address these issues is to begin to MOVE FORWARD. Momentum and motion will make everything in your life easier to steer. As you move forward, you’ll discover what really needs your attention, you’ll be incentivized to deal with it urgently, you’ll make the needed adjustments, and you’ll be able to empirically gauge your progress. You’ll discover that many of your previous concerns were nonsense and that you had never even considered many of the real issues you needed to confront. (Wow! This is more confirmation of the words He gave that He can’t steer a parked car or a ship in harbor, and the amazing confirmations He brought of that as we edited the Holy Spirit book – as shared in God’s 9-1-1“Keep Moving Forward” has also been a significant and recurring phrase He’s given since Spring 2012.)

Jack Canfield, the very successful businessman and author, wrote about this secret in his best-selling book The Success Principles: “Successful people have a bias for action. (This goes along with other words He’s given such as –”Success seems to be connected to action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton). Most successful people I know have a low tolerance for excessive planning and talking about it. They are antsy to get going. They want to get started. They want the games to begin… Planning has its place, but it must be kept in perspective. Some people spend their whole lives waiting for the perfect time to do something. There’s rarely a ‘perfect’ time to do anything. What is important is to just GET STARTED. Get into the game. Get on the playing field. Once you do, you will start to get feedback that will help you make the corrections you need to make to be successful.” (Astounding! This has confirmations of many words He’s been giving – including,  “Everyone has to START somewhere” and “Give yourself permission to be a BEGINNER” – that have provoked prayers for God to help us understand where to START/ how to BEGIN [which ironically leads us back to the message of “Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees.” Help us Jesus!] The part about not waiting for the perfect time is more precise confirmation of the series of words He began giving through The Purpose Driven Life and the Paula White message He led us to the very next day – as shared in “Stop Tuning Your Instrument and Start Making Music NOW”!!!!!!!)


Again, we’re continually astonished at His orchestration of confirmations! This entire last week was overwhelming in that regard. We pray each of us will not only receive accurate revelation (for any recognizing that these words/confirmations are truly for them in this season), but that each will also receive the accurate interpretation and application in our personal lives. I truly believe since He’s led us to share these words from our journey, that they’re not just for us. Continuing to pray for us all to grasp and comprehend what He’s asking each of us to do to “GET MOVING” and “TAKE ACTION NOW” toward fulfilling His call on our lives. We pray each of us will discern every green light and open door that He’s truly set before us – and will also comprehend when He’s asking us to step out even when there seems to be NO visible open door or green light (except the sound of His voice calling us to go forward into the waters of the Jordan – or to walk straight through the walls).  May we all have singleness of heart and mind to be able to recognize and receive every bit of wisdom He’s generously pouring out for us as we ask and to not miss or dismiss even one instruction He gives. I pray He will lead us in His Love and guide us in His Strength – even in spite of us – to get us where we need to be! 
Blessings and Prayers,

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