Get Your “Super” On‏ – HFJ24

Hope you’re still meditating on God sending His WORD to heal us (and sending Jesus – the WORD made flesh to heal us). I pray that He is confirming this personally to each one and making this word experiential revelation in our lives!

This week God’s had me writing on some things He started speaking to us early last week after showing us some mainstream news coverage of cases of demon possession.
I’ve posted 2 of them so far on FB, and have at least one more to post. Here are the links to the first two if you haven’t seen them yet:

part 1~ As it was in the Days of Noah
part 2~ When “Marvel” Meets Real Life ~ Get Your “Super” On

The Lord blessed me so much Wednesday and Thursday with confirmations of one of the themes of the first note that fit perfectly into the message of the 3rd note (which I hope to post today or tomorrow – was trying to give people time to catch up). In addition, four or five hours after I posted the 2nd note, I received an email from James Goll (a prophet from our former church in Nashville). The email was a link to his message for what He’s hearing from the Lord for 2014 and beyond. I listened to it yesterday and was overwhelmed by some exact confirmations of things from the 2nd note (and many other confirmations of things God’s been speaking to us). James is one of those who has a special place in our hearts because of how God has used him to bring such precise and astounding confirmations in previous years. Let me know if you’re interested in hearing James’ sermon.
Blessings and Prayers!
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