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Before we move on to one of the other directions the Lord led me with confession #10, let me pick up from the last note to quickly share a few more confirmations of our confession and recent themes.

The next day (5/8) I asked the Lord to lead me to a teaching to listen to while I got ready to go out. I was drawn to a pile of teachings that we rarely touch unless we’re going on a road trip. At the top was a Joyce Meyer teaching entitled, “Your Words Affect Your Future.” Oh my! I knew the theme was continuing. As I listened, I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was NO COINCIDENCE that I was led to that CD. When I first put it in, since my settings were on “shuffle/repeat” it didn’t start out at the beginning (track 1), but actually jumped straight to track 6 or 7. Therefore, the VERY FIRST thing I heard Joyce talk about was ISAIAH 55:11 – our Scripture for confession #10 – emphasizing how God’s Word does not go out and return empty-handed, but ACCOMPLISHES what He desires and ACHIEVES the purpose for which it is sent!!! After marveling at God and then realizing the CD had not started at the beginning, I went downstairs to restart it on track 1.

Since the Lord had been emphasizing our confession/profession so much again – in the past week or so I had recalled hearing Joyce mention on occasion the confession list she put together when she was just getting started in ministry. I wished I could get my hands on that list and asked the Lord if there was a way to do so (wondering if I should write the ministry to request a copy). So when I heard Joyce begin to talk about that confession list on THIS TEACHING, I thought the Lord may be answering my prayer just by having her recite some of those confessions from memory. I was in AWE when He did exceedingly, abundantly more than that. She actually said on this CD that her list can be found in her book, “Me and My Big Mouth” – which I ALREADY had a copy of (and had read 10 yrs. ago)!!!!!!! So, the Lord answered my very specific prayer within days – telling me EXACTLY where to find what I was looking for!!! I immediately went to the bookshelves and found the book!

When I came back downstairs, I had a few minutes before leaving, so I began to straighten up. The first thing I picked up was a newsletter from John Hagee Ministries. I began to laugh in amazement when I saw at the top, in large, beautiful print, ISAIAH 55:11!!!!!!! God is continually astounding us!! So thankful for the lengths He goes to to surround us with each of these Scriptures for our confessions in so many ways to help them become greater heart revelation!

I also want to share these awesome confirmations from today. First thing this morning, I saw this devo. As soon as I saw the picture in the middle, I knew it was confirmation of the things I shared in last night’s note that Robb Thompson ministered about taking our thoughts captive, bringing them into obedience to Christ, and renewing our minds to the truth.


“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2 NIV

  • We can control where our mind “goes” – we can direct our thoughts.
  • We need to train ourselves and discipline ourselves to always keep our mind on heavenly things, and God’s purpose and Kingdom, rather than the things of the world.
  • There is life in His words that is heavenly, whereas the earthly thoughts create fear and difficulties.

thoughtsPrayer: Lord help me to take every thought captive and direct my thoughts to heavenly things at all times, despite what is transpiring. I will put my trust in you and keep my thoughts directed on you. Amen. ~ Ed Traut (Copyright, Prophetic Life Ministries)

Then, when I turned my calendar to May 10 it said – “HOLD FAST your dreams!” No kidding! No one can orchestrate these messages from every direction, BUT GOD! If there was doubt before, I pray you’re now convinced; GOD IS SPEAKING – relentlessly trying to speak this message to us!!!

And the two messages are definitely connected! We cannot possibly HOLD FAST our God-given dreams and promises unless we learn to take control of our minds and take authority over the thoughts and situations that are contrary to God’s promises/Word to and for us.

These words have been so timely for us because of the severe attack we endured last week – in such intense battle that we once again found ourselves praying that our minds would not break and our faith would not fail. But God has so faithfully rushed in with the words we needed to once again experience that He’s with us, that He hears every cry of our hearts, and responds with exactly what we need. He is encouraging us to be prisoners of HOPE who, in spite of attack and failure, keep getting back up until we “fail our way to success” (as Thomas Edison and so many others have). We must continue to endure and HOLD ON/HOLD FAST to what He promised, rather than give in to temptation to give up and quit. If we’re going to survive all the way to the goal of seeing the Word ACCOMPLISH what God desires and ACHIEVE the purpose for which He sent it, then we MUST learn to guard our minds from the violent assaults and attacks the enemy brings to steal, uproot, and choke out the Word.

This leads perfectly into one of the other directions the Lord took me with confession #10. Which I will share in the next part… (Hold Fast Your Profession – pt 6 )





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