IT’S ALIVE!‏ pt 2 (More Confirmations for Confession #9) – HFJ44

(part 2)
THEN this morning, when I opened the KCM devo, there was our verse AGAIN!!! Through this devo, God tied confession #9 back to the theme He was emphasizing during confession #8  ~ of Jesus, the Living Word, the Word made flesh, being the same yesterday, today, and forever! Since Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He is the Word, this means the Word is also the same yesterday, today, and forever ~ and therefore totally reliable and dependable. Praise God!

His Word Is as Good as His Bond
Kenneth Copeland

The word of God is quick [or alive], and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit. – Hebrews 4:12

The Word of God is not just a book! … His Word has been recorded in a book…but the Word itself is what God has said and is saying to you personally! That’s powerful.

That means the Word of God is ALIVE…and working every time you put it to work. That’s because God’s Word is His bond. You’ve heard people say that about others: “A man’s word is his bond.” That means a person’s word is the measure of his character. If a man honors his word by keeping it, then he is an honorable man. If he dishonors his word by breaking it, he is a dishonorable man. … (God) is the One who taught us to judge integrity on that basis. He invented the integrity of words. He set the standard.

God and His Word are one—not because we say so, but because He said so. He has made it clear that we cannot separate Him from His Word. Just as He never changes, His Word never changes. They are both the same—yesterday, today and forever. That means that if you’ve been believing God for something based on His Word, you can rest assured He is faithful to keep His Word. He won’t fail you. His Word is ALIVEIT IS WORKING FOR YOU EVERY TIME YOU SPEAK IT AND ACT ON IT IN FAITH. So stand up strong today. Put your trust in Him. Don’t cave in to doubt…or despair. Remember, His Word is as good as His bond.

Scripture Reading: John 17:1-6 (© 1999 Kenneth Copeland Ministries)

Praying we’re all taking time to meditate on these truths of God’s Word as ALIVE and ACTIVE, going to work to PENETRATE and DIVIDE, performing Holy Spirit surgery (spirit, soul, body, and circumstances), in order to ACCOMPLISH and ACHIEVE the purpose for which they’re sent. I pray these truths are becoming deeper heart revelation for each of us than they’ve ever been.
Blessings and Prayers!

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