“MARCH! MARCH! MARCH! And KEEP MARCHING until the Enemy is COMPLETELY CRUSHED Under Your Feet!” – pt1‏ – HFJ34

OH WOW!!!!!! I’m about to launch through the roof at the confirmations God is giving!!!!!

Last week I wanted to send out a confirmation of theOnward Christian Soldiersnote that the Lord had given the Saturday (March 15) after I sent it (March 13). After taking a step of faith that the enemy immediately threw into question, I had cried out to the Lord that Friday night to ask Him to confirm again whether or not we were truly supposed to have taken that step. The next morning I found an email from Rick Renner in my inbox. It was a devo from Sparkling Gems that asked – “Are You Wearing Your Killer Shoes?”

I knew that I knew God was answering my question. He had given me this same devo from Rick’s book last year when I was crying out about the same situation and had confirmed this word immediately in a dramatic way! AND He had also given us this exact same devo exactly a week earlier (March 8) when Jesse was seeking him for direction. Unfortunately, I didn’t even remember that when I sent out the series of other words He surrounded us with that Tuesday (March 11) about being SOLDIERS who needed to HOLD OUR GROUND, REFUSE TO GIVE UP, and KEEP MARCHING FORWARD. So all last week I was looking for the right time to send that amazing continued confirmation of the “ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS” theme – but never got to it. So here is the link to that devotional on Rick’s site: “Are You Wearing Your Killer Shoes?

The theme has continued in an AMAZING WAY! When you read the devo at this link, you will see that when God tells us to keep marching forward with what He’s calling us to do, this does not mean that the enemy will roll out the red carpet and cheer us on to success. Our obedience is usually not instantly rewarded by the path we’re called to march suddenly transforming into flowery meadows of ease. Rather, Rick talks about our march being through hostile terrain and the importance of our armor to enable us to KEEP MARCHING in spite of opposition and attack that would try to take us out.

This has been our experience the past several years, which has been ramped up again to a new level the past few weeks as we responded to God’s instructions to KEEP MARCHING. As briefly mentioned in the last note, we were hit with a brand new attack that we did not see coming that has tried to incapacitate us from being able to continue with what God said. As I cried out to the Lord last week, He repeatedly confirmed that what we were going through was an attack from the enemy to stop us. As I meditated on His Word, one of the themes I saw emerging was about God’s promises to CRUSH THE ENEMY (under His feet and ours).

to be continued…


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