Slaying Giants and Possessing the Land- pt 1‏ – HFJ17

Here’s one of the recent themes I felt I should start typing up yesterday to share – it will be in several parts.

Two weeks ago (1-8-14), as I ministered about healing to my friend I mentioned previously, in addition to the Shield revelations, the Lord also brought back to my mind all the things He had spoken to me last year in the thick of our battle about defeating “the GIANTS” and possessing the land. All these concepts that the Lord emphasized to us are from the Scriptural accounts of David and Goliath and from the children of Israel going to take the promised land.

~ He said He did not want us to look at the size of “the giants” and feel “like grasshoppers,” incapable of overcoming in the battle, but to look at the size of our God and realize that “the giants” (of david_goliath-1sickness or any other challenge we face) are NOTHING in comparison to HIM. GREATER IS HE who is IN US….

~ He talked about how the giants (our enemies) are “uncircumcised Philistines”~ meaning they have NO COVENANT with God ~ therefore it is not a fair fight, since we DO have COVENANT with Him! David’s confidence came from this understanding of COVENANT!  

~ He infused us with faith by telling us that “the giants” (the enemy’s) protection has been CUT OFF ~ that He has given US the land and we are WELL ABLE to take and possess it because He promised it to us and He’s WITH US/ IN US to cause us to conquer if we will just believe Him and FIGHT!

~ He talked about how Joshua and Caleb had a “different spirit” than the other spies ~ a spirit of faith. They knew they were well able to take the land. This was not because of any apparent advantage they had in the natural realm. In fact,  they seemed to have every disadvantage. But they had this spirit of faith because they believed God’s promise that He had given them the land and that as they fought the giants, He would deliver them into their hands. He is able to do what He promised even when all the odds are stacked against us!! This is the spirit that is required to enter the land. Those who did not believe they were able to take the land, even though God had promised it, didn’t get to enter; they died in the wilderness.

But the point I want to primarily focus on in this first note is the point that was especially quickened to me as I ministered to my friend:

~ The Lord showed us that “the giants” are “our BREAD.” In other words, OUR FIGHT WITH THEM IS MEANT TO MAKE US STRONGER!

The confirmations God brought (through our pastor and others) of ALL these things He was speaking to us last year were AMAZING! And just a few weeks ago, as the Lord brought them back to me to share with my friend, He began surrounding me with precise confirmations again!

That same night, Jesse asked the Lord for a word from the huge stack of cards I’d written of the words the Lord had poured out for me day by day to sustain me. Out of all those cards (and we’re talking around 1,000), he opened to these very words about “the giants”!!! When I read back through those cards the next day, I knew God was re-confirming and re-emphasizing what He’d just led me to share with my friend, not only for her sake, but for me again as well. Once again, this revelation about the giants being our bread was the one that was especially standing out to me.

to be continued… (part 2 here)


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