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FB post from May 13:

Blown Blown Blown away at the speed confirmations are coming!!
Last night, as we were going to bed, the Lord gave us a word all about how He’s WATCHING OVER US. This morning, while listening to praise music for a few minutes – the lyrics of one song stood out and I noticed they were singing about Him WATCHING OVER US. Then we put on a T.D. Jakes sermon, and he also talked about God WATCHING OVER US. Then Mark Terry sent me an email from another prophetic minister [Lana Vawser] all about God WATCHING OVER US, centered around this verse:

“Jehovah Himself will WATCH OVER YOU, He’s always at Your side to shelter you safely in His presence. He’s protecting you from all danger both day and night. He will keep you from every form of evil or calamity as He continually WATCHES OVER YOU. You will be guarded by God Himself. You will be safe when you leave your home, and safely you will return. He will protect you now, and He’ll protect you forevermore.” – Psalm 121 – The Passion Translation

Right after I responded to Mark in absolute awe of so many confirmations so quickly, I opened my email devo from Prophetic Life Ministry [Ed Traut] and it was about the same thing!

His Eyes Are On You!
Psalm 33:18 But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love, NIV
[He’s also been emphasizing His never-failing love regardless of what attacks we’re facing the past several weeks – NOTHING can separate us from His love!]

“…God responds to our constant regard and reverence for Him by being WATCHFUL OVER US.”…
“How I praise You today, because Your love does not fail and in all these years You’ve WATCHED OVER ME. I thank You for it. NO MATTER WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH NOW, I WILL LOOK TO YOU AND TRUST YOU. [Trust has also been a major theme of this season]. I PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME. Amen.” [and you know PRAISING Him amid the attacks has been]

Both Lana’s word and Ed’s word featured Jesus as the LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH!!!!!! Lana talked about how He’s sneaking up behind the enemy as he’s plotting against us – and He’s getting ready to POUNCE on him and destroy his plans. And Ed’s devo featured this picture (at top of page)!!!!!!!! What an Awesome image of the One who is Watching Over Us and SHIELDING US [another recent theme again] from the plots and attacks of the enemy!!! Thank you Lord!!!

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Blessings and Prayers,



More confirmation from today’s (5-15-15) JHM Scripture reading email:
Lord God, now I ask that You bless and keep them; that You make Your face to shine upon them that Your goodness and Your mercy and Your favor shower them today. Let them know, that this week, they are grafted into the everlasting, almighty Vine of the Son of the living God and that You, Jehovah, are WATCHING OVER THEM; that You care for them; and that their potential is unlimited so long as they are abiding in You. Lord, I ask that this blessing become a reality in their lives; that the fruit it produces would bring glory to God our Father in heaven. In Jesus’ name, we pray and ask.
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