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I feel like I could absolutely launch through the roof with this confirmation God is giving! I have not watched KCM broadcast for several years. Today I “just happened” (yeah, right!) to see a message from them in my junk mail and “just happened” to open it (which I normally would not). I saw the titles of teaching this week and thought it sounded perfectly in line with what God’s been emphasizing to us in these weeks. So, I thought perhaps I had NOT “just happened” to see it and open it, but that the Lord was leading me there to listen.

I just finished Monday’s show and was already praising God for the confirmations that went along with parts of the Elastigirl notes from a few weeks ago and many other Scriptures He’s been giving us that I was on the verge of posting even today. But when I started yesterday’s show (TUESDAY’s) just now I was in jaw-dropping awe!!! About 10 min 20 sec into the show he quotes Romans 8:25 not only from the KJV (or NKJV), but then also from the NLT and AMP!!!!! Jesus! You’re AMAZING!!!!!

I haven’t even finished Tuesday’s broadcast yet, but I’m sure these shows will be a blessing to all who are in the process of allowing patient endurance to bring you through to completion/perfection and to the inheritance of all God has promised!

DON’T GIVE UP SAINTS!! We’re coming forth as GOLD in the Power of the Spirit!!!!! Praying for us all!!

KCM broadcasts – July 22-26, 13 – Patience Makes Perfect

follow up – July 26 – response shared in comment of FB post link at top of page

It was such awesome confirmation b/c it was that same verse the Lord put on my heart to post Tuesday ~ not just the same verse, but from the exact same translations!!! NKJV, AMP, and NLT! …THEN yesterday morning (Thursday the 25th) we listened to Wednesday’s broadcast and he read it again from the MSG version too!!!!! Jesse & I were in awe!! (He read Heb 6:11-12 too – mentioned in same post, part of Psalm 27 which God has given us repeatedly, and several others He’s given us)! Once again, He’s confirming unmistakeably, undeniably, overwhelmingly beyond the shadow of a doubt!! So believe it, believe it, believe it and receive it…, and continue to wait for all He has promised with eager, joyful expectancy and anticipation, “with patience and composure,” “patiently and confidently,” not being diminished or discouraged by the wait, but being continually enlarged in faith, hope, love, joy, peace, endurance, power, anointing, praise, thanksgiving, certainty, conviction, courage, filled to the fullness of the Lord Himself and all that is of Him, as you walk out the process of Him bringing you to completion, lacking nothing, and to the fulfillment of all He has spoken!!! (was that sentence long enough? lol!) Praying for us all to this end!

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