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Strong tangible Presence of the Lord tonight as the worship team sang “Fill Me Up” and Pastor Ken talked about being filled and refilled over and over with the Holy Spirit, hungering and thirsting for more of God, repentance, “yielding” totally to God, and letting Him make every adjustment and correction He needs to make in our lives!! JESUS!!! many confirmations! GOD, HAVE YOUR WAY IN US!!! HAVE YOUR WAY IN YOUR CHURCH! HAVE YOUR WAY IN THE NATION/S! OH GOD, HEAL OUR LAND!

I hear the sound of an abundance of rain coming for those who will hear what the Spirit is saying and respond!!! Lord, we cry out for the Latter Rain to come like a deluge that will cover the earth as the waters the sea! Come Latter Rain!

“Ask the Lord for rain in the time of the latter rain.” Zechariah 10:1

“You provide the fire, and I’ll provide the sacrifice. You provide the Spirit, and I will open up inside. Fill me up God; Fill me up God; Fill me up God; Fill me up! Love of God, overflow; permeate all my soul!” (youtube video)

“God is never tired of you pressing in and coming to the throne room and praying and seeking Him. When we get to a point of having our heart open and are totally yielded to God, He is ready continually to pour out into your life and mine; we just need to get ourselves in that position and stay there long enough for God to do in us what’s necessary. And as that happens we rise up changed men and women of God; and we rise up ready to change (the world around us). …We are the entry point for the Kingdom of God to flow into our world.” ~ Pastor Ken

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