Formed in the Secret Place ~ Discovering Destiny – part 4

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Truth Will Trump and Transform Fact

But it’s not just a matter of our destiny needing to be FORMED, it’s a matter of other things needing to be TRANSFORMED ~ our circumstances and ourselves.dangerous-path1

Learning to “see” the invisible is not enough. Most of us who have stepped out to follow an instruction from the Lord know that the enemy doesn’t roll out the red carpet and cheer us on to the fulfillment of God’s vision and calling for our lives. His opposition and attacks meant to distract, delay, detour, derail, and destroy us in certain seasons seem unending. Therefore, it’s usually not just a matter of “seeing” the invisible and suddenly the “impossible” appears. It’s typically a matter of having such a powerful and compelling vision of the invisible that we’re finally immovable, unshakeable, unbreakable, and unstoppable in our relentless determination to overcome all opposition on the way to achieving the “impossible” (as He’s repeatedly stressed in the past several years). For this reason, the Lord has been reminding us that we must come to the place where the invisible is even MORE REAL to us than the visible.

He began to repeatedly emphasize that we must choose to FIX OUR EYES ON and FOCUS ON, the INVISIBLE, UNSEEN, ETERNAL TRUTHS of His Word in the SPIRITUAL REALM, which is Matrix-Green-Code-1600x1280SUPERIOR to the visible, seen, temporary facts of our circumstances in the natural realm (those facts that are opposing and attempting to exalt themselves above the knowledge of God’s promises for our lives – II Corinthians 10:3-6). He reminded us that if we will choose, by faith, to focus on and STAY IN AGREEMENT with His Invisible, Eternal Truths, they have the POWER to TRUMP and TRANSFORM the visible, temporary facts that threaten to defeat us. The Invisible Spiritual realm is the SUPERIOR, PARENT force. It gave birth to the visible natural realm and has authority over it. It is through the invisible that the visible comes into being; and it is through the invisible that the visible can be transformed (not just things that are possible for man to change/transform, but things that are “impossible” for natural man). Because of this perspective that the spiritual realm is the SUPERIOR reality, as mentioned in note 8 – He was reminding us that contradictory and opposing circumstances to what He has promised are lies, deceptions, illusions, and shadows, in comparison to the Truth of His Word. As stated in the Healing Confessions book ~ we don’t deny that they exist, but we deny them the RIGHT to exist in our lives because of what Jesus has done for us. We take captive all thoughts that attempt to exalt themselves above the knowledge of God and His Word for our lives, cast them down, and bring them into obedience to Christ. Though these are some of the themes He had us focusing on in the Healing Journey email group in March, He also began making application to walking out our destiny.

He gave confirmation of these themes through a KCM devotional on 2/20,

“People always talk about building their ‘dream home.’ But did you know that you can begin to build dreams out of God’s Word? (confirmation of God forming our destiny inside of us through His Word – as discussed in part 2) … God intended for man to be a dreamer. … But He didn’t intend for us to be LIMITED by natural thoughts and circumstances. He meant for us to DREAM BEYOND THEM. (more confirmation of NO LIMITS/LIMITLESS and SEEING BEYOND what we can see). That’s what Abraham did. He locked in to God’s dream—and it was BIGGER THAN ANYTHING HE COULD HAVE THOUGHT ON HIS OWN. It will be that way for you too. God’s dream for you is bigger than your dream for yourself. It is exceedingly, abundantly beyond all you can ask or think! (See Ephesians 3:20.) Once you get that dream INSIDE YOU, things will begin to change. No, all your problems won’t disappear overnight any more than mine did. But you’ll respond to them differently. When they rise up in front of you and threaten to defeat you, God’s dream will stir in your heart. You’ll start saying, “Wait just a minute…. I don’t have to tolerate this situation. I happen to be a child of the King, Himself. He sets my table in the presence of my enemies. No weapon formed against me can prosper!” (See Deuteronomy 28:13; Psalm 23:5; Isaiah 54:17.) Building your dream home is great! But building God’s dreams INSIDE OF YOU, and then seeing those dreams come to pass is glorious!(Copyright, Kenneth Copeland Ministries)

if you can see through the illusion then you are the solutionKenneth demonstrates this principle that we do not deny the existence of the contradictory or opposing circumstances, but we deny them the RIGHT to exist in our lives because of what Jesus has done! (He speaks in terms of refusing to TOLERATE them, and instead describes how we overcome them through the power of God’s Word/promises.)

to be continued… (see part 5 here)

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