Incalculable Wealth ~ part 2C

(Part 2C – continued from same day; 2A and 2B here)

After writing note 2 (parts A-B), I read the JHM daily devos and was amazed to see continued confirmations of this theme being expressed in these same terms. I’ve included excerpts below from their devos from Sunday and Monday:

The Promises Of God Belong To Those Who Have Surrendered Their Lives To Christ And Been Cleansed In His Blood!

God’s promises can be considered as spiritual certificates of deposit and we are spiritual heirs to these deposits.  Christ has paid the price for us at the Cross and allows us to present our drafts—these promises—to claim that which God has promised to provide. In return, we receive the great blessings God has pledged to us by, through and on account of His Son, Jesus Christ.

His promises belong to those who are children of God through faith in Jesus – heirs according to His Word. They belong to those who have joined into a spiritual union with Christ and have clothed themselves with His robe of Righteousness.

He Instructs Us To Study The Scriptures Diligently To Know And Understand His Will And Promises For Our Lives

His promises are made to be taken by His children..who believe and claim them. They were not made to lay concealed in a gold-edged Bible, but to be read, understood and used. The fact is, the Bible is like a checkbook given to the needy, and we are to use it when we want to make a withdrawal from our Promise account. God has given promises to every kind and description of person; and these promises were given not to be hoarded up, but to be used—we are to draw liberally and freely upon the Divine bounty for all the blessing that we need.

Then Tuesday, the KCM devo also quoted II Peter 1:3-4 (mentioned in the first note) and talked again about how, God makes available everything we could possibly need, every conceivable blessing, through the promises in His Word.” Then that night when we went to bed, Jesse “randomly” opened to the page from the healing confessions book that has these confessions:

God’s DIVINE POWER has given me EVERYTHING I NEED for life (natural life) and godliness (spiritual life) through my KNOWLEDGE OF HIM  and HIS GREAT AND PRECIOUS PROMISES  that He has given me by His glory and goodness. By believing and receiving His promises I participate in His DIVINE NATURE! (II Peter 1:3-6)

Because I am in Christ, God has given me an eternal response of “YES” to EVERY promise He has EVER made…. I say “A-men” to His promises ~ my agreement of faith, declaring, “So shall they be” in my life! (II Corinthians 1:18-22)

We knew God was continuing to surround us with confirmations that He’s emphasizing these things again at this time (for us, and I suspect for many others as well).

He’s also re-emphasizing the necessity that we not fail to use the authority He has given us to overthrow the words, works, and weapons of the enemy in our lives by declaring His Word and promises out of our mouths as our sword of the Spirit, proactively fighting spiritual warfare. And He’s reminding us that we must not neglect to raise up our shield of faith to extinguish EVERY flaming arrow of the enemy. (For more encouragement to persevere with the Word in our battles see parts 1-3 of “Overthrow the Enemy….”)

Lord, we hear You! Help us not to be deceived by only hearing and mentally knowing these truths and therefore thinking we’re living in it to the full extent that we can and should. Help us to rise up out of every place where we’ve become complacent, lethargic, or weary and to be fiercely determined and committed to be DOERS of all You’re saying, putting it into practice until we receive ALL You paid such a high price for us to have! Help us not to faint, but to continue to be stirred up, white-hot on fire for You, contending with Your promises and prophecies over our lives in order to enforce the victory You purchased for us until we see every area of our lives in alignment with Your perfect will. Help all of us come up to the highest dimensions possible of accessing and operating in our rich, incalculable, all-sufficient inheritance in Christ, that we will manifest Your Kingdom that is within us and advance it as effectively as possible in all the earth till Your glory covers the earth as the waters the sea!!!!!!

All this is reminiscent of the “Keys of the Kingdom” dream He gave me years ago as well. I don’t think I could post that whole thing on FB, but if anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll try to get you a copy.

Still may be another “to be continued” here… (More Confirmations of INCALCULABLE WEALTH!‏ here)

Richest Blessings in Christ,
Copyright © Laura Jewell Tyree

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