Prophetic Message through “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” – part 3

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False Peace Leads to Destruction ~ “It’s hostile takeover time”

As mentioned previously, this movie also contains the message of the evil plans of the enemy being hidden in darkness and the importance of recognizing those who are not what they seem.

In one scene, Sentinel (who has secret plans to attack the world) says how peaceful earth seems – unlike the final days of their planet.1Thessalonians5v3,4 This alludes to the false sense of peace the world will feel before sudden destruction comes (I Thessalonians 5:2-3, Matthew 24:36-44) and also to the false agreement of peace the antichrist will make (which is also illustrated in the film).

We eventually learn that Sentinel has been secretly allied with the decepticons. Though he was presumed to be a key to the victory of good, it’s revealed that he is a key to the plans of the enemy. Our nation walked straight into the trap of the enemy by bringing him from where he was hidden in darkness (“the dark of the moon”) and reviving him to his position of leadership. He had made an alliance with the enemy and was working to bring our nation/the world into subjection and to bring the enemy’s “kingdom” here.

Sentinel’s name means, “a person or thing that watches or stands as if watching; a soldier stationed as a guard to challenge all comers and prevent a surprise attack…; Digital Technology” ( (the last of which has interesting implications). Therefore, his betrayal is contrary to everything he represents and was appointed to do. The one who is intended to stand guard and prevent a surprise attack is the one who brings a surprise attack against us. He demands the last 5 pillars (which have been held in US custody) in order to complete his weapon. Once he has the final pillars in place, his weapon of mass destruction is ready. The enemy then informed US leadership that in order for peace to exist they must break their alliance with the autobots and exile them (consequently getting rid of their primary means of protection and defense). Of course, it’s soon revealed that the enemy had no intention of keeping their peace treaty. It was a false agreement. With the help of those from within our own nation who sold out to the enemy and were working with them to overthrow this nation/the world, mass destruction and war began. When it’s revealed that Sam’s girlfriend’s boss (Dillan) is one of those who sold out to the enemy, Dillan says he was always taught that when it’s not your war, you join the side that will win ~ “it’s hostile takeover time.”

devilsalesmanThis analogy has implications on multiple levels. Clearly it alludes to the false peace agreement that the antichrist will make. But it also speaks to other things. Just after we saw this movie, we heard a report that our leaders were considering reducing the size of our military! This seemed confirmation of this very tactic by those who would desire to overthrow us in war. Decreasing our military would cause us to become even more vulnerable to these plans. The push in recent years to strip us of our 2nd amendment rights also ties into this same tactic of demanding us to exile our means of defense. But it would be foolish to fail to recognize that our PRIMARY means of protection from attack, our PRIMARY defense, is our nation’s allegiance to God, the covenant our nation was founded on with Him, and the foundation we were built upon of Christianity/the Pillars of His Word. It is the dismantling and dismissal of THIS SUPERNATURAL MEANS OF PROTECTION which is destroying our most important system of defense (FB post July 18, 12). The demand to break alliance with and exile the otherworldly and SUPERnatural help of the autobots can represent the pressure in our nation to destroy the covenant we were founded on with God and to exile Him and His Word from society. There were 9 autobots, which could also further represent the 9 supernatural manifestations/gifts of the Holy Spirit (I Corinthians 12) which have also been misunderstood and exiled by many of God’s own people. As in this movie, though these nine supernatural helpers may have appeared to many to have departed (and be done away with), they truly never did (or were). Receiving their presence still with us (through the Holy Spirit with us and in us) and learning to work with them (Him) is vital to our victory against seemingly “impossible” odds.

Spiritual Revelation of “False Peace” which leads to Destruction

The Lord has been speaking to me in the past month through the analogy of the “false peace agreement” which will be made by the antichrist which later leads to destruction. I believe He showed me that what we will see happen in the antichrist’s false peace agreement (which leads to the 7-year tribulation) in the end is a macrocosm of what he’s been trying to do for millennium in the individual lives of all who have walked the face of the earth. Once again the natural will be mirroring the spiritual as the enemy simultaneously attempts to bring the whole world to a place of “false peace” spiritually (through false teaching so deceptive that even the elect could be deceived if possible – Matthew 24, II Thess 2). This agreement/compromise with him spiritually will produce a “false peace,” which has an ultimate design to destroy us. I believe the Lord showed me that this has been the standard M.O. of the enemy in every individual’s life since the beginning. But in the end, he will attempt to pull this off on a world-wide level rather than an individual level.

As mentioned, there were a number of human collaborators who had made alliances with the enemy. Their motivations for doing so were usually explained by portraying that they felt they had no choice. If they refused to comply with the enemy and do what he said they would be killed. I believe the Lord showed that this was also a form of “false peace.” After they bowed to the enemy in order to try to save their lives, complying with him and doing his will, as soon as he got what he wanted from them he killed them anyway. This illustrated tactics the enemy attempts to use in all of our lives. He offers us bargains, compromises, which may seem they will spare us from some undesirable sacrifice (some form of death to self/crucifixion of the flesh) and make things easier for us. His offers seem that they will “save our lives” (reputations, careers, relationships, finances, etc.), but in the end bowing to the enemy and compromising with him in order to take the pressure off (instead of taking up our cross and following Jesus) results in spiritual death. This is the message of Matthew 16:24-25, quoted in note 6.

We also see “false peace” with a different twist through Carly’s story (Sam’s new girlfriend in this film). There is symbolism in how her boss, Dillan, lures her into his trap. Dillan portrays the world’s wealth, influence, fame, extravagance, superficiality, self-absorption, etc. He not only lavishes the wrong kind of attention on Carly, but also the riches and pleasures of this world. One of the most extravagant gifts he gives her, a car (which, as mentioned in the previous note can represent destiny) is also not what it seems. Though this car looksdevil's deception amazing and desirable, it is later revealed to be a “decepticon” that takes her captive and threatens her life (and Sam’s). This speaks of how the things the enemy uses to draw and lure us away from the Lord are deceptions ~ illusions. They may initially take the form of something we desire, or appear to be the “vehicle” or path to get to the destiny we desire, but in the end they will take us captive and destroy us. Again, this is another example of how the enemy attempts to create a “false peace.” Like the “sirens” of Homer’s Odyssey, these deceptions, masquerading as something to be desired, attempt to lure us off the right course to lead us to our demise.

Among the meanings of Dillan are “son of the sea” or “like a lion” ~ which brought to mind both Revelation 13 and I Peter 5:8-9.

Be well balanced (temperate, sober of mind), be vigilant and cautious at all times; for that enemy of yours, the devil, roams around like a lion roaring [in fierce hunger], seeking someone to seize upon and devour. Withstand him; be firm in faith [against his onset—rooted, established, strong, immovable, and determined], knowing that the same (identical) sufferings are appointed to your brotherhood (the whole body of Christians) throughout the world. I Peter 5:8-9 

There is also additional symbolism with Carly. The name Carly means “free man,” “little CHAMPION,” or “little and strong.” At one point I noticed that Carly had been wearing the same color in EVERY scene of the movie. Just after I pointed this out to Jesse, wondering why they had chosen to do this, she changed to a different color. At that point I realized they were intentionally making a statement with the color of her clothes. Carly had been in white (representing good/light) in every scene up to the point when she leaves Sam to go be with her (later-to-be-revealed evil) boss Dillan. But in the scene where she leaves Sam and goes to Dillan, she changes from white to black (representing evil/darkness). Later, when Carly realizes Dillan’s “true colors” and repents of her former attitude/actions, she is once again shown wearing white throughout the remainder of the film. Though we might be seeing more prophetic significance in some parts of this film than its makers actually intended (?), this kind of intentionally orchestrated symbolism makes me question what all the writers were actually trying to say.keep-calm-wait-its-a-trap

As I looked back at the Hobbit note, I saw that this section parallels the section from that film discussed under the heading “Deception Lures from the True Path to Imminent Death.”

to be continued… (part 4 here)

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