Several primary categories of messages will be posted on this blog site. When you subscribe, you will automatically begin to receive notification when there is a new post on any subject. If you prefer to only receive notification on specific categories, you can change your profile by following the link on the bottom of the auto-generated registration email (or any e-mail you get from this blog site). Following are the current subjects from which you may choose to subscribe.

The Healing/Faith Journey (HFJ#) posts are from the email group we began in the Fall of 2013. This group was birthed when we felt the Lord leading us to go back through my book Healing Confessions Based on God's Word ('08), in order to focus on one confession at a time until they once again became heart revelation that would produce the mountain-moving faith we needed to see breakthrough in different areas. These posts follow the confessions from the book, sharing devotionals and other confirmations the Lord brings us as we focus on each Scripture confession. They also include other words/Scriptures and themes the Lord emphasizes along the way to help us stay on track in our journey of faith and patience to the fulfillment of His promises. Though the confessions often deal directly with healing, many (or most) of them can also be applied to walking out any type of journey of faith. If you sign up for this group, I recommend that you also go through the previous posts, starting from the beginning (HFJ1), and spend sufficient time on each confession to get them established in your heart.

Posts specifically about the Holy Spirit have not been very regular yet, though some prophecies, teachings, and testimonies have touched on this subject (and all things posted here are connected to Him/speak of hearing from Him in some way). We may have some series focused on Him and His present-day work as our books on this subject are published.

The Prophecy posts may be either single prophetic words or series, concerning the church (fulfilling our destiny) and nation, as the Lord leads.

Posts concerning National/World Events will often also be prophetic words, but may also include blogs about national/international news/events.

There are also occasional posts that address topics such as Deliverance, Spiritual Warfare, Provision, Healing(separate from the Healing/Faith Journey messages), and other categories which may yet be created.

Many posts are a combination of several of these categories. Testimonies and Teaching will most often include one or more of these other topics.

Again, if you don't sign up to receive only the messages from a specific category (or categories), you will receive notification for all new posts.