Awesome Confirmation of “Go and I’ll Show You” ~ “OBEY So You Can SEE” – Link to FRC messages

(FB post June 8)

“We may have all come over on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” ~ Dr. Tony Evans

You do not want to miss this message!!

We finally received the link for the message Tony Evans preached at the FRC conference in Washington DC recently! Our pastor showed the first few power packed minutes of it last Sunday as an appetizer and then gave us the full meal (25 min) Wednesday night. We wrote FRC after the Wed night service to see if they had all the messages posted online. Jesse received this link in reply! (When you go to the link, select the message by Dr. Tony Evans.) We’re looking forward to hearing some of the others, but you don’t want to miss this one!

There are many great things in it – but I nearly LAUNCHED THROUGH THE ROOF with praise when I heard the undeniable confirmations of what the Lord was speaking to us a week ago that I posted on Tuesday ~ about how sometimes the Lord asks us to take that step of obedience off the cliff of faith first, before we can SEE the rest of His plan ~ to OBEY so that we can SEE ~ to “GO” (or DO) in obedience to His seemingly illogical instruction that we’ve received, so He can “SHOW US” !!! Tony said ~

“When you see the movements of God in history – PEOPLE had to MOVE FIRST, BEFORE God WOULD MOVE. He told Moses … Hold out the rod, THEN you’ll SEE what I WILL DO! He told Joshua … tell the priests, put their foot in the water, THEN you’ll SEE what I WILL DO. He told Martha … move the stone, THEN you’ll SEE what I CAN DO! So what we’ve done is we’ve got this backwards. We are waiting on the Lord, when the Lord is sayin’ – ‘I’m waitin’ on y’all.'”

‘Bout to have my own praise service all over again!!! HE’S SO AMAZING ~ Always giving the precise confirmations we need to know we’re hearing Him clearly!! He’s graciously continued giving us others since – assuring us that He’s WITH US and will SHOW US what to do!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

We pray all are seeking and receiving His divine instructions and taking the leaps of faith He’s truly inspiring (and seeking till any counterfeit leaps are exposed) as you choose the Glory Road to the Utmost Life!


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