Camouflaged Cats at the Bird Buffet

(FB post from June 18)

A while back J bought a bird feeder for the back yard. Unfortunately, not being bird-sized ourselves, we had no way of knowing it was not really an effectively designed feeder and the birdies have a hard time with it. So we’ve been tipping it over to pour the seeds all over the ground underneath. Apparently, word has gotten out in the neighborhood about our all-you-can-eat buffet, and colorful small birds, larger doves, and squirrels all come in shifts a few times a day to partake. We’ve certainly enjoyed these sights and the sounds of our trees filled with joyful bird songs from those who relocated their families to be closer to our bird-buffet. However, we’ve also noticed the neighbor’s cats’ new interest in our backyard too. Apparently word has spread among the cat community as well. Last night we looked out and saw a neighborhood stray trying to camouflage itself in the grass, waiting for the dinnertime crowds to arrive. As far as we know, the cats have never succeeded, but after that spectacle last night I think we’d better get a new feeder so the birds can eat undisturbed.

We shouldn’t be surprised when the enemy shows up in the midst of a move of God. Wherever people are gathering to feed on the Lord and His Word, the enemy also takes note and comes seeking whom he may devour. Keep awake and alert and be aware of his schemes.

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