Choosing the “Glory Road” to the “Utmost Life” – part 3

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God’s Looking for PIONEERS

A Pioneer is “one who ventures into unknown or unclaimed territory; one who opens up new areas; one who PREPARES THE WAY.”  (John the Baptist Call – Prepare the Way of the Lord!) “God is always looking for pioneers; people who WILL NOT less than bestSETTLE FOR LESS THAN GOD’S BEST.” The spirit of faith will keep them MOVING FORWARD and EXPECTING MIRACLES. “The spirit of faith is not afraid to leave things behind. There are some things that could weigh us down and hinder us from making it over the next mountain to the next level of faith and GLORY. It can be difficult to lay aside TREASURED items and ways of thinking, but the REWARDS of obeying God KEEP US MOVING.”

(Laying aside our “treasures”/bringing God our “treasure” had also become a significant theme. Among all the words about the Hannah sacrifice, laying all on the altar, surrendering all, etc., the Lord had also begun to speak in terms of “treasure” ~ referencing Mary’s extravagant offering of the alabaster box, the wise men who, upon Jesus’ birth, came to lay their “treasures” at His feet, etc.)

There are 3 kinds of people: pioneers, settlers, and museum keepers”

Pioneers are the people who continually press on into new territory. They’re “willing to take RISKS and  confront the devil.” They’re not afraid of the unknown.

Settlers stop too soon.” They “don’t care what’s BEYOND the next mountain. They get too COMFORTABLE and don’t PRESS on to the possibilities ahead. Some of the tribes of Israel settled too soon and never crossed the Jordan with Joshua.”

Museum Keepers: These are the people who are content to dust off memories of previous generations and talk about past exploits.

God is looking for Pioneers who will not settle for less than His BEST! 

When you see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God, and the Levitical priests carrying it, you are to move out from your positions and follow it. Then you will know which way to go, since you have never been this way before.” Joshua 3:3-4

“God wants to take us to “NEW TERRITORY” to go places we’ve never been and SEE THINGS WE’VE NEVER SEEN. The spirit of faith is a Pioneer spirit…!”

“Putting” You in the Right Direction (even when it seems wrong)

“I am a champion at ‘putting’ people in the right direction with the perfect pace so that they can fulfill their destiny. When you think I am ‘putting’ you the wrong way, remember, I can see the lay of the land. I know your strengths and weaknesses. ‘I will perfect that which concerns you.’ (Psalm 138:8)” (God’s word to Mark Hankins while he was watching golf.)

Every person “in Christ has a definite trajectory of faith and destiny. When it seems He is ‘putting’ you the wrong way, remember – He is a CHAMPION. He is able, by His Spirit, to get you in the right place at the right time to fulfill the call of God on your life.”

Notes and quotes (/paraphrases) from Mark Hankins, The Spirit of Faith


Several weeks ago, when I was working on this note, I went back to the actual book to make sure I had the quote marks where they belonged. I was amazed as I thumbed through the book to see MANY other precise confirmations of things the Lord’s been speaking to us in this season! Think we might need to read it again!

Shortly after rereading these, the Lord led me to listen to a message by Paula White (who I haven’t listened to often). I was amazed when I heard her begin to speak about these SAME concepts with slightly different terminology. I knew the Lord was bringing more confirmation. She talked about how we can choose between 3 kinds of lives ~ an almost life, a most life, or an utmost life.

She described “An almost life” as the place everyone starts, at the base of the mountain. This group looks up, sees all the obstacles and which stepchallenges, and makes excuses for why they can’t do it and it won’t work. She stated that when we want to find a way we will; if we don’t, we find excuses. This group has a “can’t do” attitude and lives a caged life as a result.

The next group, those with “the most life,” start up the mountain. She described them as climbers who will climb out of the pits the enemy dug for them in life. But they don’t really have true purpose or know where they’re going, so they end up wandering and get stuck in the middle of the mountain when adversity comes. She likened the rough places in the mountain to what the children of Israel experienced when they came out of Egypt, but then didn’t want to fight the giants in order to take their promised land. So this group just camps out in the middle. She noted that an observable trait of those who have succeeded in life is their ability to overcome adversity. “Difficult times will come on your path to purpose, but that doesn’t mean you back down.” This 2nd group are those who choose the comfortable life, who decide to camp out where they are because it’s too difficult and requires too much effort to press through.

But then there’s a 3rd group who want the “utmost life.” Instead of camping out and staying where they are, they know there has to be more. They know the life God destined them for is larger than the life they’re living. They refuse to live the rest of their lives inconsistent with you've got what it takeswho God called and created them to be. This group is determined, despite the opposition and obstacles, to live out their purpose ~ to soar and climb till they reach the pinnacles in life. She talked about how an Utmost God didn’t intend to have almost children.

God has an Utmost Life for each of us! In spite of the battles we will face in order to climb the Glory Road to reach that Utmost Life, it will be well worth the effort to live a life of fulfilling His divine purpose. I pray we will all determine to be part of this group ~ that we will be God’s pioneers who will not settle for less than His BEST, but will choose the GLORY ROAD that leads to the UTMOST LIFE. I pray we will lay down and forsake any “treasures” or any “idols” that may hold us back from being willing to make the daring choices necessary to pursue this path. I pray we will not let fear of the unknown, desires for comforts, pleasures, family, security, or natural logic and reasoning talk us out of obeying His divine instructions that will bring us the divine destiny He desires for us. Though it might require perseverance and persistence to press in and continue to seek Him until the path He’s truly asking us to take becomes clear, as we have done this wholeheartedly over the years, God has never failed to astound us beyond measure with how He speaks to us as many times and in as many ways as necessary until we “get it.” Let’s GO FOR THE GLORY and not settle for less than God’s BEST!

to be continued…… (see note 12 here)

Blessings and Prayers!
© Laura Jewell Tyree

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