Continued Revelation from 3 More Films (“SALT,” “SH:Game of Shadows,” and “MI:Ghost Protocol.”) – part 2

Note 8 – Part 2 (continued from same day) (Part 1 here; Navigation forward and backward also at bottom of screen)

In the film, SALT was assigned as an agent to bring destruction on our nation (representing Salt’s usage in Scripture for judgment). However, she works frantically to try to save the nation and prevent this destruction from coming to pass (representing Salt’s usage in Scripture to PRESERVE society and prevent its corruption/decay and destruction/judgment by PRESERVING God’s Truth). The message in the film is the same as the message God’s been giving ~ if Salt’s attempts to do so are rejected by the nation, the nation will be destroyed. But are we hearing what the Spirit is saying?

Those in authority must decide whether to continue to falsely accuse SALT (Truth), seeing her actions through distorted and deceptive salt arrestedlenses which cause them to misjudge and misperceive everything she does as being the work of the enemy, and pursuing her with intent to imprison or kill (representing the world’s false accusations against God’s Salt/Word/Truth and those who uphold it ~ misjudging and misperceiving it as causing harm, attempting to quarantine it to the private sector of life, and to ultimately eliminate it from society). Or they must decide to finally look at the evidence without prejudice, understand SALT’s real purpose, and free her to proceed with her work of exposing and stopping the true enemies, who, if left unchecked, will destroy the nation (representing the world’s need to understand the real purpose of God’s Word/Truth and allow it to expose and stop our true enemies in the spiritual realm and those they’re working through before it’s too late). In the film, as is also true in its spiritual application, those who think they’re justified in their beliefs about SALT and their mission to stop her, ironically end up deceived by the real enemy and open the way for his destructive work. They fought against the very one who was trying to help and save them, while embracing the one who intended to destroy them. In the film, though SALT saves the nation, she’s still accused of trying to destroy it. But she is set free by one who finally sees the truth and understands her purpose, so that she can continue her work to expose and stop the real enemy (with further confirmations seen in this process of our previous themes of “open doors” and “leaps of faith”).

Though I didn’t take too many in-depth notes from the movie itself, afterward Jesse turned on the extras and then the revelation began to explode. Immediately we were being blown away with confirmations!! Because the Lord brought up so many additional things this past weekend while I was finishing editing this, once again the note grew to an unmanageable size. So, we had to decide which things to group together. Ultimately, we decided to chop out some of the major confirmations from SALT and the confirmation from church (mentioned in note 7) to save them for the next note, in order to leave room for various confirmations that all fit together here.

The following is taken from the last segment of extras we saw from SALT, after we were already beside ourselves in awe from previous confirmations. This was taken from an interview with the director Philip Noyce and delves into more depth about the prophetic warning from the film ~

Noyce began to discuss how the basic premise of the movie is really not far-fetched. He talked about how it’s absolutely true that there are “SLEEPER SPIES,” who are prepared from childhood to be Americans. They are sent to the country where they’re to spy and then go undercover (or are “put to sleep”) for 15 to 20 years as they work their way up in whatever sphere they’ve been assigned to – whether government, administration, the military, etc. He continued by explaining that “Day X,” referred to in the film, actually exists. Although it may seem like an invention of a Hollywood screenwriter – it’s not a game or a fabrication; it’s real. Noyce said,

“Day X is the day, designated by the KGB, where all the sleeper spies are to rise up; and on the day when war starts between the Soviet Union and the US, that would be the day the sleeper spies rise up and commit acts of biological warfare, assassination, and destruction in their host country.”

Interviewer: “Basically destroying the infrastructure of the country.”

russian sleeper spiesNoyce: “Exactly – it’s all real. What we see in “SALT” and what we saw with the alleged 11 spies found in NY – that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If there’s 11, do you think there’s only 11? There’s 11-hundred. And they’re not housewives. NO. They’re not sent to go sit in the suburbs. They’re sent in order to work their way up into positions of power. Because if you have the leader of a country who’s actually from the enemy country – it’s the ultimate weapon.” (Noyce had said previously that his dad – who was a real spy – always told him that the ultimate weapon was not some sort of man-made weapon; the ultimate weapon is a human being.)

We were OVERWHELMED by this. We could have easily been tempted to give little thought or credence to reports of Russian sleeper cells and Day X, had we seen this another time or in another way. But due to all the Lord’s been showing us, and due to all the other precise and undeniable confirmations He had just inundated us with as we watched the previous segments (shared in note 9), we felt this part, too, was truly a word from Him! This caused us to think back on how many times the Scriptures He’s given us to warn of coming destruction have involved a nation coming “from the North” that He would use to bring judgment on His people who had turned away from Him.

Knowing, from all our pastor has been doing to help educate the church about radical Islam’s plans (including bringing in General Jerry Boykin and Kamal Saleem, etc), we knew of the need to be aware of the hidden plans and sleeper cells connected with Middle Eastern nations who desire to destroy us from within, but we had not heard about the need to be aware of the same things occurring through Russia. So we began to question the Lord about Russia’s role in what’s being planned against our nation and whether one nation’s plans to destroy us are a more critical factor right now than the other.

TODAY (Saturday 3-22-14), when I woke up I felt led to look up the meaning of the name Vladimir Putin. Interestingly, Vladimir means “Great Ruler, Ruler of Peace, Ruler of the World,” …or “World Peace.”  – , (and others). Putin means “to set up for use or to introduce” –

… to set up for use or introduce World Peace (which we would know would be a false peace – as discussed in note 7), or to set up or introduce a Ruler of the World. …I’m not saying anything definitive, but found it thought provoking.

A little later in the morning, I was watching clips from a prophetic word a friend posted (from a man that I’m not really familiar with but have heard others speak of from time to time – Kim Clement). It was nearly 2 hours long, and since I don’t typically watch him and didn’t have time to listen to the whole thing, I scrolled to different places and stopped momentarily to see what was being said. Toward the end, they re-aired some of his previous prophetic words from years ago to show how they were tying in to things happening now. When I heard this one, I believed the Lord had led me to listen in order to give further confirmation in response to our prayers. After talking about the danger Israel is presently in, the host of the video said:

“We’re going to now deal with another country, Russia and also Iran, and you’re going to see how a prophetic insight given years ago is now coming to pass right now; and …the deception that one nation, specifically Russia, is using against America and Israel. Right now, just the last few days, in the midst of this runaway jet, the nations including US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, and Iran have found the time to meet together to work towards a permanent agreement for Iran, where Iran will have less sanctions and in return Iran says they will decrease their nuclear capabilities. This negotiating is happening and Russia is one of the hands on the table. But Kim gave prophetic insight April 17, 2010, regarding Russia, regarding Iran, and regarding America and what they (Russia & Iran) really want – and that’s Israel.”

He then replayed Clement’s prophetic word from 2010 ~“America, you are in the way of Russia; you are in the way of Iran. They want to strangle Israel so they will attempt to do it to you. BUT IT WON’T COME FROM THE OUTSIDE, IT WILL COME FROM THE INSIDE.” (They then replayed another prophecy from August 22, 2010 about the deceitfulness of Russia’s actions). After advising us to remember that Russia is meeting with the nations to try to come to a peace agreement with Iran about Putin in Irandecreasing their nuclear capabilities, he then aired a clip from the Jerusalem Post which said, “Iran and Russia sign on to build more nuclear plants at Bushehr.” The host said, “That means, while the world powers are meeting together to lower Iran’s nuclear powers, Russia is signing an agreement with Iran to build two additional nuclear power plants…. Do you see the deception that’s happening? Russia and Iran are coming into agreement. But it was prophesied about years in advance.” (and not only by Clement – I remember hearing people prophesying a decade ago about these alliances that would form in the end, based on their interpretation of end-time prophecies from the Bible, and we’re now seeing them emerge before our eyes.) Though the host suggested that perhaps this destruction coming “from the inside” was a reference to Russia’s involvement in helping to put in place impotent and deceptive sanctions on Iran which only give them more time to complete their nuclear weapons, we couldn’t help but think that the Lord was showing us this at this moment to also further confirm what the film revealed about Russian sleeper cells “on the inside” and “Day X” plans of destruction.

We didn’t feel we could ignore the timing of receiving this confirmation – through a link I normally wouldn’t have watched – while we were trying to finish this note which addresses sleeper cells intending to destroy us from the “inside” (and while still praying about the implications of the film, SALT). Though we already believed it to be the case, we didn’t realize that within hours the Lord would be highlighting additional confirmations about deception occurring at peace conferences and about world war through the films He led us to see this past weekend.

(Later that day I saw another article posted about how our leaders’ push to cut our military budget is bringing great advantage to our enemies (as discussed in the “Dark of the Moon” notes). This article spoke about how the balance of world power is experiencing a major shift, and said that while our nation is now taking a back seat through our leaders’ decisions, Russia (as well as Iran and China) is moving forward to claim the places we are abdicating in multiple nations. The author marveled that we haven’t seen Russia exerting itself as it now is for 3 decades).

to be continued… (see part 3 here)

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