Continued Revelation from 3 More Films (“SALT,” “SH:Game of Shadows,” and “MI:Ghost Protocol.”) – part 3

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The additional confirmations of these themes came when Jesse and I finally watched two other movies that had come to our hearts/minds repeatedly over the past several weeks as we’ve prayed for the Lord’s guidance in what we needed to see/understand. Jesse kept bringing up “A Game of Shadows” (Sherlock Holmes), and I kept “seeing” the front cover of “Ghost Protocol” (Mission Impossible). Having seen them in the past, but not really remembering their plots, we were once again amazed at the confirmations.

BOTH of them were about an enemy trying to start WORLD WAR. Neither of us remembered that about either of the movies. The name Game of Shadows alludes to a match between good and evil where things are hidden, concealed, obscure ~ where darkness is being cast over an area because something is blocking the light that would otherwise reveal it. (“Shadows” was also significant to me because of things the Lord’s been re-emphasizing to us in the past year about the enemy’s tactics and weapons being lies, deceptions, illusions, shadows – in comparison to the Truth of God’s Word. They have no real power to harm us if we are IN CHRIST, walking in the full revelation of our covenant with Him and the full armor He’s supplied.)

Rather than dissecting these films in depth, I’ll just mention a couple of important themes

Game of ShadowsSherlock_Holmes__The_Game_of_Shadows_033554_

Hiding intentions for war behind talk of peace:
The movie involves a peace summit. Though the main enemy’s (Moriarty’s) intent is war, he is brought in as an advisor to the peace process! (more allusion to the antichrist) The idea is presented that some of the others involved in the peace process were also aware of his deceptive intentions, since when Sherlock tried to inform his government about Moriarty’s plans, his warnings were unheeded. There were several lines surrounding this that we felt were significant:

Crossed-fingers-behind-backWhen Sherlock realizes the importance of the peace summit in the plans of the enemy, he says, “What better place to start a war than at a peace summit.”

Once there, consulting Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft Holmes says, “Although these gentlemen may be talking peace, believe me, they’re readying their armies at home. … I passed your (intel) on to my superiors, but they’re the ones who brought Moriarty in to advise on the peace process in the first place. He has positioned himself brilliantly….”

Ideology of War being needed to bring World Peace:
Watson says, “Why would he attack all the nations only to unite them?” (As mentioned in the Hobbit notes, this is a strategy that the New Age ideology of the New World Order embraces. The idea is that they must destroy the present world order so their new world order can arise from the ashes. For years we’ve heard reports of similar beliefs in Islamic ideology ~ that they must create chaos to usher in their “Mahdi” – the ruler they’re anticipating who many believe will rule 7 years before Judgment Day – eerily paralleling Biblical teaching about the antichrist. We have even seen video footage of many praying down into a well for this leader to come up from the depths of the earth. When understood in light of Scripture, this has profound implications.).

Several sites said that Moriarty can mean “warrior of the sea” which stood out to me since the primary human villain in Dark of the Moon was Dillan, whose name meant “son of the sea.” That had evoked thoughts of the beast associated with the antichrist kingdom arising out of the sea (Revelation 13). This is not the first Biblical prophecy involving beasts arising from the sea. We see this in Daniel’s vision (Daniel 7) as well, where it’s revealed that the beasts represent kingdoms. Revelation 17 reveals that “seas” (waters) can represent multitudes of people. So the recurring theme of evil characters associated with the “sea” has caused us to wonder if the Lord is revealing this kingdom (beast) is about to arise.

We must understand the urgency of the hour and know what to do:Time_Is_Running_Out-front-large
Highlighting again the urgency of the spiritual warfare in this hour and our need to be awake, alert, seeking, interceding, and walking circumspectly, in the final confrontation between Holmes and Moriarty, as they use a game of chess to speak metaphorically to one another about their real conflict, Moriarty says, “Your clock is ticking. May I remind you this is blitz chess? A single miscalculation will cost you the game.”

(And of course, I must also include the quote used previously in the Elastigirl notes)
After discovering the enemy’s plans, Sherlock says,

“If we can … stop him…we will…prevent the collapse of Western Civilization; …… pressure”

(more on this in the next note)

Ghost Protocolghost protocol

Once again, we were surprised to find that RUSSIA is a major part of Ghost Protocol, and the theme of racing to stop nuclear war between Russia and the United States.  (Again, though we had seen SALT and this film before, Russia’s significance in both had not previously stood out enough for us to remember. Since this is the movie that came to my heart from the time that Jesse was led to SALT, we were amazed by the similarities.)

Like with SALT, we see that the main character, Ethan Hunt, is falsely accused by some of being the one who is causing destruction instead of being recognized as trying to stop it. Therefore, though he is truly attempting to expose and stop the real enemy from destroying the US and starting war, he is perceived by some as being the enemy. They waste their time and energy pursuing him and opposing his efforts instead of working with him to fight the true enemy. Ethan is a Hebrew name meaning firm, strong, constant, and enduring. It is often associated with Ethan Allen, an American Revolutionary and soldier in the American War of Independence. There is also an Ethan in Scripture who authored Psalm 89. I was AMAZED when I saw this, since the Lord has brought up Psalm 89 repeatedly in the past several months in connection with a series of other words.

The deception that the enemy’s counterfeit version of war is required for peace and progress:
Ethan’s disavowed IMF team realizes that Kurt Hendricks (alias Cobalt), a specialist in nuclear end-game theory and strategist for the Kremlin, has taken the nuclear launch device from the Kremlin and one of his operatives has stolen the codes to activate it. (Hendrick is the combination of two words meaning “an enclosure or hedging in” and “ruler.”) When the team listens to a video of Hendricks, we hear his darkened ideology, “How will the world finally end? It is my job to predict the unthinkable, to treat the death of billions as a game. After 20 years of this, I was numb, until a new question crossed my mind. What happens after the end of the world? Every 2 or 3 million years, some natural catastrophe devastates all life on earth, but life goes on, and what little remains is made stronger. Put simply, world destruction is an unpleasant, but necessary part of evolution. What happens then, I wondered, when mankind faces the next end of the world? I looked to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, thriving cities, rebuilt from the ashes, monuments to the unimaginable dedicated to the concept of peace. It occurred to me here that nuclear war might have a place in the natural order, but only if it could be controlled….”   

This ties back to the ideology briefly mentioned in A Game of Shadows when Watson said, “Why would he attack all the nations only to unite them?” Here we see more confirmation in Ghost Protocol of those who adhere to the deception that it’s their responsibility to bring destruction in order to eventually bring “peace” (through their new world order which we know as the antichrist kingdom). Ghost Protocol further highlights the New Age belief that this is necessary in order for the human race to go to a higher state of evolution. (Some who have come out of that belief system have said that it’s believed that the Christian world-view, and Christians themselves, are the greatest impediment to this evolution and their new world order taking place, and that it cannot successfully occur until all who resist their ideology – primarily Christians – are “removed” from earth).

When Hendricks succeeds at launching the nuclear warhead, he demonstrates his backward belief system by saying, “May there be peace on earth.” We see the nuclear missile launch from under the water. It came UP FROM THE SEA (which again stood out due to the previous references of evil characters whose names were connected with the sea, bringing to mind Rev.13) and headed toward the U.S. Though there is a truth in the idea that sometimes conflict/war is necessary to bring peace (e.g. our fight to stop the demonic plans of Hitler and other tyrannical rulers), and that we will see this truth in its purest form in the end through what Jesus does to overthrow satan’s kingdom and establish His own, these philosophies represented in these films once again demonstrate the enemy’s attempt to counterfeit the Truth with a perversion of it (or bizarro version of it – see Signs of the End and The Inception of Inversion).

We have continued receiving confirmations since writing this note. Though the Lord highlighting all of these plans of the enemy through these films may seem like all bad news, the additional powerful confirmations about what He’s calling us to do/be are in the next note (note 9). If we adopt the viewpoint that prophesying anything negative or warnings that might cause people to fear is of the devil, we have misunderstood the Word. Jesus Himself and others throughout the New Testament prophesied things that could be labeled as negative. For those who are truly in Him, He tells us not to fear, even in the face of prophesied destruction, persecution, and death. For those who are not truly in Him, the fear of the Lord that can come from hearing the alarms He sounds and warnings He gives can help them turn to Him.

Lastly, as the man from Clement’s ministry emphasized at the end of his video, we need to know these things so that we know how to pray. The Lord unveiling these things should motivate us to set aside all distractions and faithfully and fervently pray for our leaders, our nation, the church, and the lost all the more, to seek Him with all our hearts and walk as closely with Him as possible, and to discover and fulfill our Kingdom assignments.

To be continued…. (in note 9 – part 1 – “Becoming SALT and PILLARS” here)

© Laura Jewell Tyree

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