“Destroy the Dragon and Take Back Your Home Land” ~ Powerful Prophetic Message from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug – part 4

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Unite In Defense of Your Home

When they enter the mountain, they find an inscription praying that the heart of the mountain will unite them all in defense of their home.

Though the Enemy Makes Great Boasts…The-Hobbit-Dragon in gold

Smaug sneers, “The king under the mountain is dead; I took his throne; and ate his people like a wolf among sheep. I kill where I wish, when I wish. My armor is iron, no blade can pierce me.” While he is making great boasts about his invincibility, Bilbo sees his weak spot where he was previously injured and is now missing a scale. He realizes that the rumors are true; the dragon has a place where he is exposed and, therefore, vulnerable.

The Dragon’s not Going Down without a Fight:

Thorin announces to Smaug, “I am taking back what you stole.

Smaug boasts, “You will take nothing from me; I laid low your warriors of old; I instill terror in the hearts of men; I am king under the mountain.” Thorin refutes him in defiance, “This is not your kingdom; these are (our) lands; this is (our inheritance).” Despite their elaborate plan to kill Smaug, he still departs from the mountain, declaring his revenge will be the destruction and ruin of the lake town. He flies toward it with this intent.

Bard, determined to succeed where his ancestors have failed by killing the dragon, and aware of the imminent danger due to the prophecies and signs he’s observed, pleads with the guards who have taken him captive, “Listen to me! You don’t know what is coming!” But they turn a deaf ear to his warnings. This brings to mind the prophet Jeremiah and many other OT prophets who were rejected, persecuted, even killed in some cases for prophesying the true message of the Lord of impending destruction if the nation didn’t repent. We have witnessed this same rejection and persecution of God’s true watchmen and prophets who are sounding the alarm today.

I felt like Bard as the film ended, wanting to cry out the same thing to those leaving the theater ~ “Listen to me! You don’t know what is coming!”

The film ends with a song about death, war, and destruction ~ “I See Fire.” As I questioned if I should include it (since its not a very happy message), the the Lord reminded me of the word He had given me a few weeks ago ~ “elegy” ~ a mournful poem, funeral song, or lament for the dead (see part 1). I was stunned. I felt His Presence. Though the song had struck me, haunted me, I had not even realized it until this very moment ~ the word He gave me perfectly describes this song. So here is a link to this “elegy” from this parabolic prophetic film ~ I See Fire


Yesterday, as I was looking back through past notes from our seeking, I saw that in mid January, when we asked about what message the Lord wanted us to speak on FB, He had given us a word about idolatry. Since we had continued seeking and hadn’t posted right away, that particular passage completely slipped our minds when I wrote the last note (note 3 – “Are You Full Of It?” and follow up) which addressed that subject.

Then a week ago Saturday (2-8) He directed us to the beginning chapters of Jeremiah ~ highlighting from 4-7. I urge you to read these! We remembered that these were many of the same passages He asked us to speak from in 2011/2012 (see parts 1-8 of prophetic word for church/nation… Zeal for His House Still Consumes Him, and others) Yesterday, we received a powerful confirmation of this passage from Jeremiah 4.

If you will return, O Israel, says the Lord, if you will return to Me, and if you will put away your abominable false gods (detestable idols) out of My sight and not stray or waver, And if you swear, As the Lord lives, in truth, in judgment and justice, and in righteousness (uprightness in every area and relation), then the nations will bless themselves in Him and in Him will they glory. For thus says the Lord to the men of Judah and to Jerusalem: Break up your ground left uncultivated for a season, so that you may not sow among thorns. Circumcise yourselves to the Lord and take away the foreskins of your hearts, you men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem, lest My wrath go forth like fire [consuming all that gets in its way] and burn so that no one can quench it because of the evil of your doings.

Immediately we noticed in this word confirmations about repentance from idolatry and also about the need for “circumcision” (as discussed in “Preparations…” notes). Though He’s still giving these very sobering messages (as seen in Jeremiah 4-7), we should rejoice that they still contain the message of mercy and hope. There is still a window of opportunity, if we will truly repent. This is comforting, since in light of these latest confirmations about coming war and desolation, I had looked back at past words He’d given. When I read one (from 2012) that said “it’s not too late” (to prevent this judgment/destruction from occurring now), I had wondered if this was still true. So, we should be extraordinarily grateful that He’s still giving us an opportunity to turn back fully to Him, but we must also no longer delay in doing so! We must take these messages seriously and respond wholeheartedly as He desires! (not just the nation, but the church ~ each of us).

This past week as I wrote this, a note I wrote last September that I had saved in my drafts and never posted kept coming to my remembrance. I remembered writing the note and that it was entitled, “Taking Back Lost Territory” ~ “Become More Determined Than Hell Itself!” So last night, as we prepared to post this, I finally opened it to reread and see if the Lord was wanting me to include it along with this new note. We were overwhelmed by the confirmations in it of some of the exact same things the Lord’s been speaking to us this past week again as I’ve written this. Since this message is already sufficiently long. I will post the other one separately.

Follow up:
Once again, this morning we were in absolute awe by the confirmations the Lord gave us of this note from our pastor’s sermon!! In his continued series on the coming blood moon tetrad
(parts 1 and 2 Signs of the End), he spoke of “taking back our land,” (!!!) of “war/battle” (!!!) – our need to fight, not be fearful/silent, lethargic, etc., of the vital importance of the “MAP” of the Word (!!!!!), and other amazing confirmations. From the spiritual excitement these precise confirmations always produce, I do not know how we keep from launching straight out of the room week after week! Some of what he said this morning brought this previous word/dream from the Lord back to mind as well: KEEP AWAKE!

[3-9-15, Follow up 2: We just re-watched this movie this weekend, just over a year later, in preparation to see the 3rd. Once again, we were amazed the next day by the confirmation’s in our pastor’s sermon – including LITTLE KEYS OPEN BIG DOORS, the sin of SILENCE in the face of evil (which He had re-emphasized to us again last week as well), our need to recapture the spirit of our founding father’s of “give us liberty or give us death,” and the need to fight (the spiritual battle and through speaking truth) to take back our nation, etc. The Lord has also been repeatedly re-emphasizing the first chapters of Jeremiah again lately (1-7) as well as other passages He’s given us since 2012. We have been AMAZED in rereading these notes to realize all that has happened in the world since they were posted last year that confirm all the Lord was saying. It struck me this time as we watched this film and the 3rd how it was emphasized several times that the enemy would begin his destruction and reign of terror IN THE EAST – that the EAST would fall to him first and he would spread from there. Many of the precise horrific and unimaginable things He had warned us about (as mentioned in pt 1) have already been happening in the EAST since these notes were posted! Please continue to pray for our nation to return to the Lord, and for each of us to do our part to repent and return wholeheartedly to Him, so the plans of the enemy will be thwarted!!)

Blessings and Prayers! (see Note 5 – part 1 – Taking Back Lost Territory…” here)
© Laura Jewell Tyree
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