“Destroy the Dragon and Take Back Your Home Land” ~ Powerful Prophetic Message from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug – part 1

We’ve continued to receive multiple confirmations for the 3rd note (and the follow up) in the series this past week, as well as more for the Shield notes, and other recent themes. But right now we’re in awe at the confirmations for this note we just received! (mentioned at the end)
Note 4 Part 1the_hobbit__the_desolation_of_smaug

After much anticipation and waiting longer than we ever intended, last Sunday (2-9) we finally got to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. We’d already had an amazing week of the Lord speaking the same message to us through three films He orchestrated for us to see (mentioned in Something’s Afoot). So since we’d already planned before any of that happened to see the new Hobbit movie that Sunday, we were on high alert, expecting the revelation to continue. We were praying in advance for God to cause our eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts to perceive, and minds to understand everything He wanted to speak to us through this epic movie we’d waited months to see.

Oh my!! What a prophetic word for the church, nation, and world it is at this specific time! There were such profound confirmations of things we believe the Lord’s been saying that I was seriously debating whether He wanted us to stand up and give an interpretation and have an altar call at the end. I felt urgency to warn people who seemed to be leaving the theater without giving a second thought to how what they’d just witnessed in prophetic parable was more real than they’d ever dared to imagine.

A bit of background: As we’ve sought the Lord for understanding about the “John the Baptist” calling He gave us in 2011, in 2012 we began asking Him to lead us to anything we needed to see, hear, and understand in order to fulfill it. In response, He led us to several series of messages. What He was showing us through them were things we would have most likely written off as “conspiracy theories” if we had just stumbled across them on our own (or if someone else had directed us to them). But because these messages kept coming up in response to our prayers, we couldn’t dismiss or ignore them. We haven’t been sure whether we should share any of these messages in their entirety since at one point the Lord warned us about the potential for rumor mixed in with fact. So still being uncertain about the credibility and validity of ALL of the information presented, we didn’t want to discredit what we knew to be credible by also unwittingly promoting what is not. The things He began showing us in 2012 have continued through the past month, prompting what I mentioned in my post a few Fridays ago ~ From what He’s shown us, it seems like the world has been following a script straight from the book of Revelation in their preparation for the antichrist kingdom (their “new world order”). The stage is being set and nearly every piece is now in place.

Since some tune out as soon as they hear anything about Revelation and end-times prophecy, I realized I was taking an even greater risk by mentioning “new world order.” For those unfamiliar with this stuff, I’m sure it sounds like crazy conspiracy-theory. I finally mentioned it that Friday solely because I believe the Lord has truly been giving additional confirmations. Recently, we’ve been asking Him again for further clarification about exactly what He wants us to speak (specifically in reference to these things). As mentioned in previous notes, He has confirmed on numerous occasions beyond the shadow of all doubt that the messages of His soon return and of repentance from sin are an essential part of our calling that must be kept and not castrated. But we had no idea if we were supposed to speak about any of these other things that sounded so bizarre and questionable to us? We would certainly never have chosen to speak about things we felt so ignorant about and have no way to prove.

A few weeks ago (after praying about whether we were supposed to share any of this revelation), He gave me a word; and this time I mean a literal “word” ~ one word ~ “elegy.” I had never heard this word before and had no idea what it meant. As I researched it, I was amazed and concerned. The word referred to a mournful poem, a funeral song, or a lament for the dead. He showed me this word in connection with the phrase “New Order.” Umm…. Lord? I didn’t like the sound of this. Yet, in all He’d previously shown us, as far as I could remember, the antichrist kingdom had always been referred to as the “new world order,” not just “new order.” So I held out hope that perhaps He meant something else this time; maybe there was an alternate interpretation. Very shortly afterward (either that day or right after), He led me to see clips of a prophetic message. The man prophesying said that the Lord kept giving him the phrases new world order AND “new order.” !! If you’re already familiar with teaching about these things, then you’re likely not the least bit surprised that the Lord would couple this phrase with a word describing a mournful poem, funeral sonew world order quoteng, or lament for the dead. According to what we’ve seen, in order for those who desire and plan to bring about this new world order (aka the antichrist kingdom), they need our present world order to collapse and be destroyed. Then, like a phoenix, their new world order can arise from the ashes of what has been destroyed.

Immediately, the warnings He’s given from the past 3 years of the terrible destruction and desolation that’s coming if the church/nation does not repent began coming to my remembrance. I’d specifically mentioned in “Preparations for the Promised Land” that during our “Jonah-storm,” He told us that if we did not continue to call the church/nation to repentance that x, y, and z would happen ~ horrific, unimaginable things that would only happen if our nation was overthrown by our adversaries in war (parts 1-3 of Preparations for the Promised Land). So, it was more than a bit disturbing for Him to now confirm these messages about the satanically inspired antichrist kingdom with a word about “new order,funeral songs, and laments for the dead.

The new Hobbit movie truly seemed like prophetic confirmation of things He’s been saying in the past years.

So many parallels, but I will try to limit this to some key confirmations. These confirmations are listed by theme rather than by their chronological order in the storyline. (My husband also informs me that, though this is a very concise summary for a 3-hour film, I still ought to give a *spoiler warning* for anyone who has not yet seen the film and doesn’t want to discover certain things in advance. So proceed at your own risk.).  🙂

to be continued… (part 2 here)

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