Don’t Back Down from the Sharks

(FB post June 2)

Two friends recommended this article last week:

10 Life Lessons From A Navy Seal. I Will Always Remember

I saved the link and Jesse and I finally got a chance to read it last night! WOW!! This should so encourage everyone in the Lord’s army!!

He has spoken to us so much in the past 3 years through the analogies of training/preparing/fighting as His soldiers/warriors, to the point that one of the main words we believe He gave us to focus on this year was becoming His “Warriors.These lessons (in the article above) were full of such confirmation, resonating powerfully with what He’s been teaching us and experiences we’ve been through as we’ve endured the intense process of His training. So many things jumped out as precise confirmations of what He’s been speaking even in this most recent season, but just want to mention one of those here ~ a continuation of the theme of “NOT BACKING DOWN!

Though it’s come up before – He’s recently been emphasizing it and surrounding us with it. (I believe that’s a word for ALL in His army!)

(from note 11 I finally posted last weekChoosing the Glory Road to the Utmost Life) ~

“…an observable trait of those who have succeeded in life is their ability to OVERCOME adversity. ‘Difficult times will come on your path to purpose, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU BACK DOWN!’”

Then, Friday a movie we’d requested from the library arrived – it was entitled – “WON’T BACK DOWN!” It was also full of confirmations of things the Lord’s been saying in this season, including PERSISTENCE, Perseverance, Determination, NOT WAITING – but being compelled to “TAKE ACTION NOW” (another theme from the past several months mentioned in note 11), and doing the “Impossible” despite the odds and the opposition!

And now in this article too! Lesson number 7 is “If you want to change the world, DON’T BACK DOWN from the sharks!” !!

JESUS!!!!! WE HEAR YOU! Praying for all in the Lord’s army not to be broken by the season of intensive special forces training we’ve been enduring and to give up and quit, but to be among those who hold fast, pass the tests, and come forth as gold in the power of the Spirit to possess the land! Help us Lord!


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