Ninevah’s Shore ~ “Don’t Stop Till Your Mission is Complete” (Plus “Jesus Has Overcome Everything” by Rick Renner) – part 2

(Part 2 – continued from same day)

I’ve attached Rick’s devo below and pray that it encourages those who have been following the Lord’s will for their lives to endure to the end and finish their course, regardless of the cost. I know we’re all eternally grateful that the Lord didn’t give up and quit when things became intensely difficult and painful for Him. He pressed on and endured all the way through to the end for our sake! We pray we will all be strengthened and committed to do the same for Him, determining to stay the course and fulfill our calling, not stopping until we know we’ve completed all He’s asked us to do for His Kingdom and glory! (Will try to remember to add the link to this on Rick’s website when it is available)

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