Prophetic Message through “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” – part 4

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Additional Antichrist symbolism

In one scene, the leader of the decepticons (Megatron) is shown with other decepticons who call him “master” and hail him. Megatron has what would normally be considered a fatal WOUND TO THE HEAD, yet he lives (allusion to Revelation 13).

Megatron enters the “temple” where the Lincoln Monument resides in Washington DC. He destroys Abraham Lincoln’s image and sits down on his seat in the “temple.” This was symbolic of the enemy’s plans to destroy the heart/history/foundation of our nation. It seemed additionally symbolic since Lincoln is associated with ending slavery, and the enemy revealed that his intent was to make the entire human race his slaves. And of course, it seemed symbolic of the antichrist entering God’s temple to set himself up as God (II Thessalonians 2). Abraham, most often translated as “father of a multitude or many nations,” not only speaks of Abraham, the father of the faith of all who believe in and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior (Romans 4), but in a greater sense, it speaks of God, the Father of a multitude or many nations. As revealed in Isaiah 14 (II Thess, Revelation), the enemy’s desire is to displace God from His throne and exalt himself to His place.

“The World Needs You Now”

(Again ~ Division, Apathy, Complacency, Fear, Selfishness, Pride, etc. must be overcome)  

Once again, we see similar themes from the Hobbit notes in this regard.

We see several occasions where old hostilities are set aside and former enemies come together to help each other in various ways.

We also see the recurring theme of the danger of complacency. As the US complies with the enemy’s demands to end their alliance with the autobots and exile them, we hear a powerful confirmation of the devastating consequences that will come from complacency toward these unfolding events. Simmons says to Sam,“Years from now they’re going to ask us: where were you when they took over the planet? We’re gonna say: we stood by and watched.” Of course, they had not completely stood passively by. They had tried to give warnings in spite of being belittled, ridiculed, and dismissed, but their warnings went unheeded by those in leadership/authority.

something more important than fearAgain, there were recurring messages of having to be willing to lay down our lives, overcoming fear, selfishness, complacency (comfort, convenience, etc.) in order to do so. Thankfully, when the true plans of the enemy are revealed, we see others who are no longer willing to be destroyed by standing by and doing nothing while the enemy takes over the world. A number (relatively few) are willing to come together with Sam and risk their lives to stop the enemy’s plans.

In a scene where Simmons, Sam, and Dutch risk their lives to get important information from the Russians, Simmons says – “I’m willing to die for my country; are you?”

In the scene where Carly puts on black to go to Dillan, she leaves Sam because she was not yet committed and not yet willing to pay the price. She was not ready to lay down her life or to watch Sam lay down his in order to save the nation/world from what was coming. She didn’t want to lose Sam and was afraid that’s what would happen. Saying, “I’m not ready for this,” she then asks Sam if he is coming with her. The implication is not only whether he’s “coming with her” to Dillan’s party, but if he’s “coming with her” in her decision NOT TO GET INVOLVED in this situation that’s threatening the nation/world. Sam replies that he can’t (go with her in that decision). He chooses to get involved, no matter the cost. In spite of Carly’s best efforts to “save her life” by not getting involved, she finds herself thrown right into the middle of the danger anyway (on the verge of losing her life). Once she realizes what’s at stake, in the end she does risk her life to do her part to bring about victory.

After Lennox (military special ops commander) tells his crew they will have to jump into the warzone (in Chicago), he says, “I can’t military Dark-Of-The-Moon-Wallpaperpromise anyone a ride home, but if you’re with me, the world needs you now.” After they take the leap of faith and are preparing to engage in battle to take out the enemy’s main pillar we hear, …for our brothers – let’s make this worth it.” 

There were also additional HERO confirmations (from previous notes – Taking Back Lost Territory – pts 1 and 3). Carly referred to Sam as a HERO several times during the film, even defending him when someone tells him “you’re not a soldier; you’re a messenger; you’ve always been a messenger.” Sam’s pride is initially hurt by this remark, “after all he’s done to help” save the world. But by the end of the movie, he’s embraced more humility. Although he’s once again truly been heroic in his self-sacrificing actions, when Dillan sarcastically asks him if he thinks he’s a hero, he replies, “No. I’m just a messenger.” I LOVED this, since the Lord has been speaking to us about being His HEROES and CHAMPIONS, but at the same time of His principles (which seem backward to the world’s way of thinking) of humbling ourselves, making ourselves of no reputation, and taking on the nature of servants in order to do so. (to be continued in next note)

Trust and Teamwork

Again, as in the Hobbit, we noticed that each one had a part to play and no matter how seemingly small, each one’s part was essential for the victory to be achieved.

While we were in the middle of watching this film (we watched it over a few days) and praying for the Lord to speak/confirm what He wanted to say to us through it, Jesse was driving home from work one day and saw a jeep that said, “DECEPTICONS” on the side. You have GOT to be kidding, Lord! His confirmations come from every direction! We believe He is exposing (again through this additional avenue) the very real operation of the “DECEPTICONS” in our midst and their plans that are hidden in darkness to destroy this nation/world and bring the kingdom of darkness (the antichrist Kingdom) to earth. Yet, He is not just revealing these horrible plans of the enemy. He is also continuing to speak about what He’s calling us to be/do in response (more on this to come).

Because of the additional things He showed us, I can’t finish this in one note. So this will have to be continued….

Blessings and Prayers! (see note 8 – part 1 – “Continued Revelation from 3 More films…” here)
© Laura Jewell Tyree

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Follow up:
Once again we received awesome and precise confirmations at church yesterday morning for things in this note and the next! Our pastor talked about God’s laws which are necessary for our freedom being removed and pushed out of society (confirmation of the message of God’s “Pillars” which are necessary for His Kingdom to be established in the earth). There were a couple of other things he said using precise words God had spoken to us. Though one of those is mentioned briefly here, I share about it in more depth in the next note (so will include the confirmation there).

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