Prophetic Message through “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” – part 1

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As mentioned in note 6 (No Sacrifice; No Victory… pts 1-3), several weekends ago (after hearing James Goll recommend the film for its prophetic message) we felt the Lord was leading us to see Transformers 3 (Dark of the Moon). Though there are a number of good reasons NOT to recommend this film, we can see why someone prophetically gifted could hear the Lord speaking/confirming things through it. Like the Hobbit, this film contained important messages and warnings for our nation. This movie has already been out several years (2011), so I’m assuming if you’re a fan of the series you’ve already seen it. But just to be safe I’ll issue a *spoiler alert* again for anyone who doesn’t want to know certain details. Again, I will list things by theme rather than in chronological order.

Watching for the True Enemy Who Desires to Bring Tyranny

The movie begins with a brief narrative about the war between the autobots, who fought for freedom, and the decepticons, who dreamt of tyranny. We learn that since the autobots arrival on earth, they have been assisting in solving human conflicts in order to prevent mankind from bringing harm to itself…. Yet all the while keeping watch for signs of their true enemy’s return.

There were themes in this film that paralleled the themes from the Hobbit, addressed under the section,“The World is in Grave Danger” ~ “War is Coming” (Destroy the Dragon and Take Back Your Homeland… pts 1-4). In the same way, it’s revealed in this film that the enemy has indeed returned and is preparing for war, and that his work has only been able to advance because it was hidden in darkness. We later learn that these plans will put the whole world in great danger. Also, as in the Hobbit, we see the recurring theme of people who are not what they seem and the need for discernment to recognize the traps of the enemy and those who are actually working for him (discussed more later).

We found it very interesting that both RUSSIA and THE UKRAINE were specifically highlighted in this film. In fact, the first undeniable evidence that the decepticons had returned was an attack that occurred in THE UKRAINE by a decepticon named SHOCK WAVE (“A large-amplitude compression wave, as that produced by an explosion or supersonic motion….;  A violent disruption, disturbance, or reaction: Shock waves of revolution shattered the government.” This took place in Chernobyl, which has been translated “mugroot” or “wormwood,” bringing Revelation 8 to mind. Though this attack was the original location which revealed the presence of decepticons, the whole world was soon in danger.

The Dark of the MoonTransformers-Dark-Of-The-Moon-Review-Free-Pictures-Wallpaper-1

We thought the title of this film (Dark of the Moon) was quite interesting, in light of things the Lord’s been speaking since last year about the coming 4 blood moons (Signs of the End pts 1 and 2).

In the beginning of the film, an autobot spaceship crashes on the moon. Many years later, the autobots go on a mission to search this crash site on the dark side of the moon for their former commander (Sentinel Prime) and a vital technology/weapon he had developed. After bringing Sentinel and part of his weapon to earth and reviving him, it’s revealed that the majority of his work was stolen by the decepticons who found the ship years earlier. The decepticons left Sentinel and the remainder of his work behind as a trap to lure the autobots to bring them to earth (knowing only the current leader, Optimus, could revive Sentinel ~ the key to activating the weapon).

There are powerful personal applications that can be drawn from the concept of the activity of “decepticons” secretly at work on the “dark side of the moon” (which tie in with themes from past notes). Prophetically, Christians are represented by the “moon” ~ intended to be “faithful witnesses” (Psalm 89:37) to the Son by reflecting His light. Therefore, the dark side of the moon can refer to the places where the light of the Son has not reached in our lives.

A wrecked ship, pillaged and used by the decepticons to bring about their strategies of destruction against us, can represent wreckage (wounds) in our lives that become strongholds where the enemy then operates against us to steal, kill, and destroy. This occurring on the “dark side of the moon” demonstrates that his work can be hidden in darkness, undetected even by us (in our “blind spots”), enabling him to covertly work his plans of destruction against us. This message goes along with previous messages emphasizing how God is calling each of us to “clean out the temple/house,” to allow His Light of truth to expose and uncover every idol and anything hidden in darkness within us, so that we can repent and remove those things from our lives. He wants His light to reach even the hidden and hard to reach places so that no “decepticon”s can remain hidden in “the dark of the moon,” secretly operating to destroy us.

But, in addition to the personal applications that can be taken from this, the primary message we felt the Lord was emphasizing was one of national/international end-times implications.

The message of “the dark of the moon” becomes even more profound when connected with the message of the coming 4 blood moons (lunar eclipses). The cause, and spiritual message, of a BLOOD MOON (as seen in the photo above) is that THE ATMOSPHERE of eclipse-diagramthe WORLD, and THE WORLD ITSELF, HAS COME IN BETWEEN THE MOON (Christians) AND THE SUN (SON). As the atmosphere of the world, and the world itself, comes in between us and the Lord, it casts its dark shadow over our lives, blocking our ability to be faithful witnesses of the Son by thwarting our capacity to reflect His light. A “blood” moon, a stage of a total lunar eclipse, can prophetically warn of/announce the consequence (judgment) for allowing the world to come in between us and God (when there is no repentance at God’s persistent wooing and warnings). (James 4:4 and others)blood moon 3

to be continued… (part 2 here)

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