Taking Back Lost Territory ~ “Become More Determined Than Hell Itself!” – part 3

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THEN, Yesterday (2-18), I began reading Rick Renner’s “Dream Thieves” study guide (which he’s offering for free download on his page). I was reeling from the continued confirmations from the Lord.

I believe in response to our prayers about the series of Hebrews 11:1 words, the first place the Lord led me to in the study guide was chapter three. I was amazed to see yet another word about heroesHebrews 11:1! From Hebrews 11, Rick talked about how “God Selects the Unlikely To Do the Extraordinary” (reminiscent of words about the Butterfly Effect) and said, “Even Unlikely HEROES’ Can Rise Up To Fulfill Their God-Ordained Destinies Through Unmovable Faith in God.” After quoting Heb 11:1 and discussing the Greek he said ~

“Although some may say that Hebrews 11:1 is a definition of faith, it’s actually a description of the behavior of faith. … we know that this kind of faith is determined, COMMITTED, and unrelenting. It knows what it wants, and it won’t let go until it gets it! This is a resolute, steadfast, full-of-grit kind of faith that has gumption and backbone. It knows how to look straight into the face of opposition and refuse to move. It is firm, unhesitating, unflinching, INDOMITABLE, tireless, obstinate, and inflexible. This kind of faith knows exactly what it wants. It is a faith that will not bend under pressure and has resolved to believe at any cost—rain or shine, sink or swim—until it sees the manifestation of what God has said or promised. This is the behavior of bulldog faith as it is described in Hebrews 11:1.”

(continuing our previous “HERO,” “INDOMITABLE,” “COMMITTED,” and immovable, unshakeable, unbreakable, unstoppable themes). As I then skimmed through other parts of the study guide, I saw he had the portion of Psalm 105 from which the Lord told us we needed IRON TO ENTER OUR SOULS. He also talked in various places about how “THE CALL IS NOT CONVENIENT,” about COMMITMENT, CONFORMING TO CHRIST, COUNTING THE COST, etc.

“The Call is Not CONVENIENT” (It may require “drastic change” which is not “easy or convenient”)

“Are you pliable in God’s hands? Are you willing to conform to God, or are you trying to make God conform to you? What are you willing to change…to fulfill your divine destiny?… God’s plan may require you to lay aside something…. …you must be willing to trust God and let go. What are you holding onto that may actually be hindering you…?”

“The reason many people fail is not for lack of vision, but for lack of resolve—And resolve is born out of counting the cost. … When you consider potential obstacles before you actually face them, you will develop an inner resolve or determination to endure whatever you encounter along the way.”

Paul esteemed fulfilling his God-given dream and assignment—his divine destiny—more than his physical life and temporal gain. His attention was riveted on ETERNAL REWARDS and a heavenly commendation (see 1 Corinthians 4:5). …Paul’s focus and determination sustained him in the midst of trials and hardship so that he could finish his course with joy.”

“Take some time to consider the stories of the men and women in Scripture who made the commitment to believe and obey God, regardless of the challenges or obstacles they faced. When you move into the realm of bulldog faith, you can stand steady against all odds to see your divinely inspired (destiny) come to pass. Have you identified the price that you must pay to fulfill the (assignment/calling/destiny) God has given you? Are you willing to pay that price? If not, are you willing to allow God to help you become willing?”

And this is what I feel like the Lord is asking each of us. We’re certainly asking ourselves these questions in response to these words, but I believe this message is for the whole body ~ in order to prepare each of us to remain faithful to the end. 

to be continued… (see part 4 here)

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