Taking Back Lost Territory ~ “Become More Determined Than Hell Itself!” – part 4

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Are we ready to pay the price to faithfully endure, no matter the cost? Is there any price we would not presently be willing to pay? He has spoken again about drawing as close to Him as possible, in a posture of total surrender, willing to lay anything/everything on the altar (see Preparations notes). Is there anything we would not be willing to sacrifice or endure for Him? Would we remain faithful not only through verbal persecution and rejection, but even if, as for Paul and many believers throughout history, it meant beatings, prison, or death? I believe these kinds of questions will help us identify what our “idols” may be.

Certainly, if there are sins we’re unwilling to let go of, issues we’re not willing to face, or areas we won’t surrender/yield to Him so He can change us, these are altars and idols that must be demolished. If we’re not willing to surrender to Him in severing sin from our lives now, it’s doubtful we’d be strong enough in Him, full enough of Him, to sacrifice in these other costly ways that may be required (see – “Are You Full of It?” and follow up).

But what about things that aren’t sin… at least not until they’re standing in the way of us following the Lord? What if, as He seemed to be highlighting throughout these messages, our idols are COMFORT, CONVENIENCE, or PLEASURE? What if these are the subtle things the enemy has used to lure us off the narrow path or to distract us from fulfilling what God has called us to do (see “Are you full of it?”)? Or what if our “idols” are our family, friends, or other relationships, our career, finances, reputation, material possessions, free time, entertainment, or even food? Again, is there anything we would not be willing to sacrifice in order to do His will? …Or anything that we would not allow to be taken from us if we had to choose between those things or remaining faithful to Him and His Word? Is there anywhere we would not be willing to go (or to move)? Anything we would not be willing to do…or to say? I believe He wants us to challenge ourselves with these questions so any weaknesses can be exposed and strengthened now and these matters settled in advance of those kinds of decisions. But I also believe He wants us to work through whatever is exposed in us as a result of these questions now because these idols He’s declaring war against are preventing His people from the repentance that’s necessary to heal our land, preventing us from doing what’s necessary to rise up, resist the enemy, and take back lost territory, and preventing us from bringing in the final harvest and fulfilling our destinies for His Kingdom.

The JHM devo on 2-16 tied these themes back together with “Preparations for the Promised Land” notes.

Jesus, the architect of the human soul, … cries out, “Happy are the poor in spirit.” …How far removed from the carnal mind of this pleasure-seeking generation! What does “poor in spirit” mean? …happy are the people who allow the hand of God to crush their carnal nature so that they are no longer conformed to this world but are transformed into the glorious image of Christ. Happy are those who allow the hand of the Master to remove their imperfections, remaking them into a vessel of honor pleasing to the Master. … Jesus lists being broken in spirit as the number one priority in the pursuit of happiness. Only when the carnal nature is crushed and the inner poison removed can there be complete healing and a new beginning.”

We pray each of us will do whatever is necessary to remove any idols of comfort, convenience, and pleasure-seeking in order to wholeheartedly seek the Lord and do His will. We pray we will all go through the process of repentance and refining with Him so we can be conformed to His image and become His vessels of honor, fit for His highest and noblest purposes. We pray that all spiritual toxicities, impurities, diseases, and idols are removed and we are filled to all the measure of the fullness of God, to overflowing, and that we receive the complete healing and new beginning He desires for us individually, for the church, and for the nation/world. We pray that through this process we will become more determined than hell itself in accomplishing the assignments God has given us, spiritually TOUGH, INDOMITABLE, TOTALLY COMMITTED, FULLY PERSUADED, that we will walk in the fullness of His Supernatural Presence, Power, and Promises to FAITHFULLY, FEARLESSLY, FULLY OVERCOME EVERY OBSTACLE AND ATTACK OF THE ENEMY AND FINISH OUR COURSE IN VICTORY.climing 2 poster

(this last part is from the end of the Rick devo that was in my note included from September)

Lord, thank You that because Your Spirit lives in me, I have everything I need to overcome any attack the devil would try to orchestrate against me. Because Your resurrection power lives in me, I am stronger than the devil, TOUGHER than any problem, and can outlast any time of difficulty. It is not a question of IF I will win, but of WHEN I will win the victory (that is already won through Jesus)! Thank you for giving me the power of the Holy Spirit to outlast every attack and to persevere until I have accomplished what You asked me to do!

I confess that I am totally focused on finishing the assignment Heaven has given to me. I will successfully push beyond each attack of the enemy because the Holy Spirit is empowering me. I am not a defeated victim. I take advantage of the power that is available to me. Therefore, the Spirit of God will energize and lift me to a place of victory over any obstacle the devil tries to throw in my way. I have resurrection power living inside me that supernaturally quickens me to overcome every demonic attack that tries to assault me and my purpose in life!” © Copyright Rick Renner


They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. Revelation 12:11

Praying for us all!   (see note 6 – part 1 – “No Sacrifice; No Victory…” here)
© Laura Jewell Tyree

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