“This is the Plan Determined for the Whole World” – Prophetic Word for Nation(s)

We’ve been holding onto some words the Lord began giving us March 1st, uncertain if we were supposed to release them yet or the method for doing so. This series came as we sought Him for direction about the major leap of faith He was asking us to make. He gave them, in answer to our questions, from multiple places throughout the Word, astounding us by how they were all interconnected ~ referring to the same events from Israel’s history. I believe He’s been showing us that we’re about to see another fulfillment of these events in our time.

Among the words He gave us was a series from:

  • II Kings 17-19,
  • II Chronicles 32 (which is a retelling/condensed version of the account originally recorded in II Kings 17-19),
  • Isaiah 10 (part of Isaiah’s prophecy concerning the events recorded in II Kings 17-19),
  • Isaiah 17 (also prophecy concerning these same events),
  • Isaiah 30-31 (which refers to these events as well).
  • He has also given us Ezekiel 20 for the nation more than once during this time.

There have been other passages which we’re in the process of going back through to make sure we don’t miss anything, but since I’m trying to keep posts shorter, I will start with these.   

We believe He was giving us these passages in connection to our nation (though literal “Israel” and many other nations will likely also be affected as well). As you read them, you will see that they foretell God’s supernatural intervention and deliverance. The “Assyrians” (referring to those nations who desire and are plotting our destruction, as discussed in previous notes) will be defeated, not by man, but by God Himself.

Unfortunately, if we understand what the Lord’s been showing us, this miraculous deliverance only comes after many terrible events, when defeat seems certain and all hope appears to be lost. If the coming events mirror the accounts from history, the “Assyrians” first destroy many cities and lay siege to the survivors before God’s supernatural intervention comes. (Other passages have indicated this may involve financial crisis and famine).

These passages reveal that the “Assyrians” are actually raised up as the Lord’s instrument of judgment to bring chastisement against His nation who has turned away from Him in pursuit of sin and false gods. As it did for Israel, this judgment will result in turning the nation wholeheartedly back to Him. Though many may now be rejecting and casting off the One Who gave birth to our nation and the covenant with Him on which we were founded, the Ezekiel 20 passage reveals that God is not going to allow that to happen. Instead, He will deal with the nation face to face (through chastisement) in order to bring us into the bond of covenant with Him. This is not the work of a tyrannical God, but of a God who has, in His extraordinary mercy and grace, determined to deal with us for His Name’s sake – instead of dealing with us as we deserve.

As for the “Assyrians,” the instrument of His judgment, as often happens when the Lord raises one up for such a purpose, when they are raised up, they are also lifted up… in pride, and as a result take things further than He intends. Isaiah 10 reveals that while God’s intent is to chastise to bring to repentance, “Assyria’s” intent is to destroy and put an end to many nations (which ties back to things He was revealing in previous notes in the prophetic series, regarding Russia and middle Eastern nations). Therefore, the passages in Isaiah indicate that after the full measure of destruction God has decreed is accomplished, He will then turn His hand back against the rod of His anger (“Assyria”), judging them in such a dramatic way that all will know He has miraculously intervened to deliver those who remain (which some passages sadly indicate may only be a remnant). In Israel’s case, this occurred when the Angel of the Lord killed 185,000 in the Assyrian army in a single night.

 “Assyria will fall by no human sword; a sword, not of mortals, will devour them. Isaiah 31:8

All the references stating that the “Assyrians” would not be overthrown by the power of man, but by the power of God Himself, kept bringing to mind end-times prophecies about the antichrist ~ since the same type of language is used in Scripture to speak of his demise.  

And at the latter end of their kingdom, when the transgressors have reached the fullness [of their wickedness, taxing the limits of God’s mercy], a king of fierce countenance and understanding dark trickery and craftiness shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power; and he shall corrupt and destroy astonishingly and shall prosper and do his own pleasure, and he shall corrupt and destroy the mighty men and the holy people (the people of the saints). And through his policy he shall cause trickery to prosper in his hand; he shall magnify himself in his heart and mind, and in their security he will corrupt and destroy many. He shall also stand up against the Prince of princes, but he shall be broken and that by no [human] hand. Daniel 8:23-25

As we began to ask the Lord if this series of words He was giving us was connected to those same end-time events, He gave us Daniel 11-12 (and has since given Daniel 2, 8, and 9).

He’s once again been giving us words that we must blow the trumpet, sound the alarm, and give warning to people of what’s coming, or their blood will be on our hands. He absolutely overwhelmed us last night and this morning with more unmistakable, undeniable, precise confirmations of the things He’s been saying ~ including more confirmation of the urgency of the hour ~ the 9-1-1 / time is running out messages from previous posts. Whether that means time is running out for the nation to repent in order to prevent these things from occurring or whether He’s saying they are going to occur ~ either way, He’s emphasizing urgency for the lost to get saved and for the saved to fulfill our assignments ~ with the highest importance being on fulfilling the great commission. We must be doing all we can to bring all to repentance and into relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior before it’s too late. 

Please be interceding not only for our nation, but for all the nations and all the lost, including the “Assyrians.” Though this prophecy speaks of God’s ultimate victory and the destruction of His enemies, we know His deepest desire is that none would perish. He doesn’t take delight in the death of the wicked, but desires all to be reconciled to Him (Ezekiel 18:23; 33:11, II Corinthians 5:20). Please be interceding for all and boldly reaching out to all within His reach through you.  

 This is the plan determined for the whole world; this is the hand stretched out over all nations. Isaiah 14:26

Praying for all,

© Laura Jewell Tyree

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