Thor’s Hammer and Alice’s Sword

This morning when I re-watched the Thor clip posted yesterday, I felt the Lord so strongly say- “It’s NOT Thorit’s the HAMMER. It’s the HAMMER that makes Thor what he is.” As this revelation sunk in, I felt God’Thor's hammers tangible Presence.

Somebody better get this! It’s the WORD! It’s not us – who we are or are not (our significance or insignificance) – It’s the WORD! The WORD is what will ensure our success. The WORD is what will make us victorious! The WORD is what will make us the conquering warriors God has called us to be!

Immediately – He brought back to my mind a scene from a movie He spoke VOLUMES to us through in 2011; we had a true ENCOUNTER with Him through the things He spoke to us through this film (which I’m now seeing also goes perfectly with note 10 about having to finally BELIEVE who He’s called us to be and what He’s called us to do). The film is Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. He brought back to mind Alice fights Jabberwockythe scene where Alice fights the Jabberwocky. When she walked out on the battlefield to face that “goliath,” it is not Alice that the enemy addresses (or fears) – it is the SWORD she carries (the vorpal sword – which represents THE WORD). The enemy addresses this SWORD as his ancient foe (addressing Alice only as its insignificant bearer!)! Then He showed me another scene from the film where Absalom (who represents the Holy Spirit) tells Alice, “The vorpal SWORD knows what it wants – ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS HOLD ONTO IT!!!” I was overwhelmed in awe since He had me write a series last week in the healing/faith group about “HOLDING ON” – “HOLDING FAST” to the WORD, PROMISES, and to our PROFESSION of FAITH based on the WORD He’s given us!!! THANK YOU JESUS for more precise and astounding confirmation!!! 

So HOLD ON to the HAMMER of the WORD that will break the rocks of stubborn opposition; HOLD FAST to the SWORD of the WORD that can slay every foe in the spiritual realm; wield it out of your mouth in spiritual warfare against everything that attempts to exalt itself against the Truth of God’s Word and watch IT do its work. As we’ve been focusing on for more than a week in the healing/faith group – It will not go out and return EMPTY-HANDED – IT WILL ACCOMPLISH what God desires and ACHIEVE the purpose for which HE SENT IT. And if WE WILL HOLD ONTO IT – SO WILL WE!!!!!!!

Alice – “This is impoAlice with vorpal swordssible”
Hatter – “Only if you believe it is.”
Alice – “Sometimes I believe as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast” …
“I can slay the Jabberwocky”

Or rather, THE WORD CAN through you!!!

Clip from movie of Alice and the vorpal sword, slaying the Jabberwocky


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