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The theme continues in another devo this morning:


Feeding on God’s Word

A.W. Tozer

Oh, how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day.—Psalm 119:97

“I remember James M. Gray, the noted Bible teacher, telling of a Christian brother, a Michigan farmer, whose spiritual life had suddenly blossomed until there was an overflowing of God’s presence. Many in the man’s community recognized the change in his life and personality and sought spiritual counsel from him. Dr. Gray had opportunity to ask the man about the transformation of his spiritual life and witness.

“Dr. Gray, I began to devote myself to the Scriptures for my own need,” the man humbly explained. “Something happened when God opened my spiritual understanding as I studied…. I cannot really explain what the Lord is doing for me and through me, but it has come through prayerful meditation in the Word of God.”

None of us can expect to get the RICH, TRANSFORMING BLESSINGS from God apart from the Scriptures…. (emphasis mine)

Too many … are content to reach for a commentary on the Scriptures. What we need most is to search the Scriptures for ourselves. (A.W. Tozer, Men Who Met God, 47.)”

“…Deliver me today from the short-cuts, and help me to discipline myself to long, concentrated study of the Scriptures themselves. Amen.”

Reprinted from Tozer on Christian Leadership by A.W. Tozer, copyright © 2001 by Zur Ltd.

Then these confirmations:
“If you want victory, but you’re not going to be a serious student of the Word of God then you might as well forget it. It’s not gonna work. ….Some people learn a lot when they listen to other people teach, but nothing like what you get when you study for yourself. You can’t let someone else spoon feed you the Word all the time; you can’t survive on second hand faith.” ~ Joyce Meyer

This week our Pastor also said something the Lord spoke to me many years ago in a dream, “Get into the Word, and get the Word into you!”

May we continually plant His Word in our lives so that it becomes deeply rooted and established, abides in us, and as we persevere in it that it bears much ENORMOUS fruit that remains, producing eternal impact for His Kingdom and Glory! (Mt 13, Mk 4, Lk 8, John 14-15)

(The Lord also gave us another confirmation the night of the 13th which I may share later.)

Blessings and prayers! (follow up ~ Even More Incalculable Wealth ~ Christ IN YOU; Heaven IN YOU)

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