Relentless SHIELD and ARMOR confirmations

(posted to FB Jan 26, 14)

shield and armor

God is still relentlessly keeping the confirmations coming. I believe this speaks not only about the vital importance, but the urgency, of His people receiving and walking in this revelation. We know He’s speaking this message to/for us, but since He said last weekend that this was a message to share on FB, I believe the importance and urgency may be for the whole body in this season.

Friday, He gave me another word about the armor, emphasizing again that this revelation is essential to prevent the enemy from taking us out prematurely. He tied it together with all the words He’s given us about the incalculable riches of our inheritance ~ our limitless, all-sufficient supply in Him to meet every need ~ showing that PUTTING ON our armor and using it as we should enables us to walk in the fullness of all His covenant provision (protection, provision, healing, etc.). (see Incalculable Wealth notes)

That night He gave us the Shield Scriptures from the Healing book:

“God surrounds me with His unfailing love and with His favor as with a shield. God’s love ALWAYS PROTECTS. It NEVER FAILS! I have a Shield of NEVER-FAILING protection around me. Through FAITH I am shielded by His power. (Psalm 5:12; 32:10, I Corinthians 13:7,8, I Peter 1:5).”

“I trust in the Lord and am secure like Mount Zion which can NEVER BE SHAKEN, but endures forever! The Lord surrounds me as the mountains surround Jerusalem now and forevermore! (Psalm 125:1-2)” 

When I looked them up yesterday in the electronic format to include here, I also found the new one I added last year,

“Through Faith in God and His Word, He becomes my Shield of faith which extinguishes EVERY FLAMING ARROW of the enemy, so that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME CAN PROSPER (Isaiah 54, Ephesians 6:16).” 

That night I had a dream that surprised and concerned me, compelling us to believe we should begin interceding against a plot of the enemy that God may have been exposing. We asked the Lord, upon waking, if this was truly a dream from Him….The next morning (Sat 1-25), He gave another word about the Ephesians 6 armor, again revisiting how He has provided EVERYTHING WE NEED to overcome the attacks and plots of the enemy, “which are very real,” and that we are not to shrink back from the battle. This wording jumped out to me and caused me to wonder if He was confirming that the plot/attack of the enemy from the dream that I had just asked Him about is “very real.

Then, the JHM devo that day was again about the SHIELD of FAITH:
January 25, 2014

Ephesians 6:16—Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

This Shield Of Faith Can Stop All Of The Fiery Darts Of Satan—Not Some Of Them, But ALL Of Them!

There were two kinds of shields a Roman soldier carried.  One was a giant Frisbee that he had on his arm when he was fighting hand-to-hand combat with a sword. The other kind of shield was about four feet high and two feet wide. A Roman soldier who was ambushed suddenly could survive by getting completely behind this shield. (more confirmation of being covered from HEAD TO TOE)

…get behind the shield of faith.  When you don’t have just one problem, but rather lots of problems, get behind this powerful, supernatural shield God has given you.  Behind the shield of faith you are protected because you’re safe in the arms of God.

God said to Abraham, “I am you’re shield and your exceeding great reward” (Genesis 15:1).  David said, “The Lord is my strength and my shield” (Psalm 28:7).  When I am in the arms of God and behind the shield of faith, hell can’t touch me.  I’m unreachable.  I’m UNSHAKABLE.  I’m unmovable.  I’m safe behind the shield of faith that God gives me for every adversity of life.

Hearing echoes in these words of the IMMOVABLE, UNSHAKABLE, UNBREAKABLE, UNSTOPPABLE theme that began in 2011-2012. Though God says ALL else WILL be shaken in these last days; we’re to be connected to the Kingdom which CANNOT be (Hebrews 12:25-29).

Last night, after I told Jesse all the additional confirmations and what I felt God was saying, he prayed and asked the Lord for a word. He responded with a word entitled “WEAR YOUR ARMOR,” based on Ephesians 6:11!! At this point we were OVERWHELMED with His persistence to make sure we’re getting this message loudly and clearly and won’t take it lightly. JESUS!! WE HEAR YOU!! HELP US LORD!! Though it talked about ALL the pieces of our armor, it specifically said ~ “Never forget to take up your shield of faith; it stops ALL missiles of destruction against your life. It protects you from ALL Satanic weapons.” 

Then this morning, we got a word based on Psalm 91, and then our pastor preached (in part) on our Psalm 91 supernatural protection in the midst of whatever may come in this nation/the world in these days! In addition, he talked about how God gives us warnings in dreams so we can intercede against the plans of the enemy that are exposed and see those events that we were shown changed! I pray all the time for the Lord to put specific confirmations of what He’s been telling us in our pastor’s mouth, even if they weren’t in his notes, and He responds in astounding ways! This felt like one of those moments. We felt the Lord was confirming that we need to be interceding against the dream and again, making sure we’re wearing and using the whole armor of God.

All this to say… we’re taking these words/warnings seriously for our own lives…and perhaps the urgency is just something for us personally. But since He said to share the Shield and Shepherd message publicly, we wanted to pass along these additional confirmations in case the Lord does intend this urgency for others as well (whether the whole body or specific ones), so they may have another chance to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying and take any appropriate actions to get spiritually suited up in the FULL armor of the Lord!

We pray all will be interceding against ALL plots, works, and weapons of the kingdom of darkness and praying that the WHOLE body of Christ will receive and walk in the FULL revelation of the whole armor God has supplied, empowering and enabling each one of us to walk in ALL of His sacrificial accomplishments (our glorious inheritance and all-encompassing covenant)!

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Blessings and Prayers!


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