The Butterfly Effect

(Posted to FB Dec 19, 13)

The Christmas gifts we’ve already received have been such sweet kisses from the Lord. First, I accidentally opened a box this week, thinking it was something I had ordered, and was surprised to find instead a book that I really wanted, but had never bought. It was a gift from Callie Blackard Dowlen! Earlier this year, it had been offered on a special price and I hesitated too long. I had regretted so many times, even this past weekend, that I had not ordered it then. Callie had no idea of any of this (or even whether I already owned the book) when she bought it for me! She was led by God in her choice without knowing!! (Thank you sweet friend! Thank you Lord!)

Then last night I opened a box from my Mom and was delighted to find a message from God inside!

Before we moved to Colorado the Lord was speaking to me a lot about butterflies. That theme really picked up again at the beginning of this year. During our trip to Nashville in April, 2 different people at our former prophetic ministry gave me gifts of blue butterflies (neither one knowing the other was doing so). BLUE butterflies had special significance to us because of a movie God had spoken volumes to us through in 2011 (where a blue butterfly represented the Holy Spirit in His analogies). I knew the Lord was continuing to speak! Then later, a friend on FB, Robin Gatto, began posting a few messages about butterflies ~ including awesome signs in the heavens that were profound confirmation! THEN, our pastor began preaching about a book called, “The Butterfly Effect!” More confirmation and encouragement! We hear you Lord!! He had just given me another message about it this week through another source, our pastor mentioned it again as well, and then I opened my Mom’s box and found a pair of silver earrings from their trip to Albania this summer ~ shaped like butterflies!!! JESUS!! You’re amazing! Again, Mom knew none of this. Unbeknownst to her, She too was inspired by the Lord in her choice! Oh how He thrills me! xoxoxoxoxo

I haven’t read the Butterfly effect yet, but from what our pastor has shared it sounds like it is a message that would be inspiring for EVERYONE about the difference just one life can make when we do what God is calling us to do. More confirmations of the ongoing theme that God created YOU for a specific purpose and destiny and YOUR LIFE MATTERS! May we all follow what God is calling us to do and watch Him do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we could ask, hope, or imagine to turn this world right-side up through our steps of obedience in faith!

Praying each one of us recognizes and receives the personal and special kisses the Lord is giving us this season and that we all lavish them on Him in return!

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