Climate Crisis or Con?

photo from Joe Bastardi, meteorologist,

Last week I nearly posted the first video and commentary embedded below to FB, addressing how disinformation about the weather is being used to advance the globalist agenda, but felt impressed to wait till this past Monday instead. I had no idea that the Clinton Global Initiative 2023 would be happening in New York Monday – Wednesday (Sept 18-20), and their discussions on climate would be in the news this week – as seen in the second and third videos below.

As mentioned in the commentary under the first video, I pray everyone will understand that denouncing the current climate charge as a con does not mean that we’re anti-environment/pro-pollution. Of course we should all be looking for LEGITIMATE ways to reduce and remove toxic and polluting substances from the environment (even if the globalist’s deceptive, alarmist claims aren’t true). Anyone who knows me knows I’m all for THAT. But the more you learn about their agenda – the obvious solutions they ignore while instead favoring unreasonable ones that will do untold damage to our nation and to countless spheres of life – you discover THIS (their agenda) is not THAT. (As always, please let me know if you cannot see the embedded post or videos below.)


I posted these next 2 videos to FB on Sept. 21, but their reach was ridiculously suppressed. The embed feature is also not working properly for that post, so I’ve uploaded the videos to vimeo to embed here.


This last SHORT clip is just to show the involvement of the Pope – representing the involvement of world religion as Billy Crone stated. Many would contend (with compelling evidence) that he, even more so, represents the emerging universal one-world religion.

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