World Leader Confirms Accusations About Nefarious “New World Order” Are True

Remember that time when the Prime Minister of Malaysia confirmed that the accusations about the nefarious intentions of the New World Order, that most have either never heard or dismiss as conspiracy theories, are actually true? No? Huh…. How odd that most never heard about it…

Mysterious Georgia Guidestones in North Georgia, USA., with what many have called “The 10 commandments of the New Age”

A friend sent me a short clip from instagram last week of the Prime Minister’s (PM’s) speech at a conference in 2015 that was examining whether the New World Order (NWO) was a recipe for peace or war. The person who had posted it on instagram had only included the most provocative part of the speech, confirming the globalists plans for depopulation – which are, in fact, nearly as extreme as what has sometimes been referred to as “The 10 Commandments of the New Age” – formerly displayed on the Georgia Guidestones before their mysterious destruction on July 6, 2022. With no context provided, it appeared that the PM was actually a proponent for the mass killing of billions of people – when the reality was that his entire speech was intended to expose the dangers of the NWO and their plans. Thankfully someone had commented with a link to a longer version of the speech, and as I kept researching, I found the entire speech, and then the entire conference online!

I posted some edited portions of about 1/3 of the speech (about 8 min.) to facebook, which you can find below. The second video below is the entire speech (22:24 min.).

If you’ve ever been tempted to question whether those warning about globalism/the NWO are just conspiracy theorists who should be dismissed, I hope this speech will lay those doubts to rest. In the speech the PM poses the rhetorical question – this one world government will be ruled by whom? (making the point that it will not be a democracy, but someone chosen by the ruling class) …Well we know exactly who will rule it. We might not know his specific name yet, but we see much written about him (and the other world leaders who surround him) in the Bible, which foretold all of this thousands of years ago.

Though it will not be as evident in the first video (the 8 min. edition), if you listen very carefully to the entire speech in the second video, you will hear a strikingly clear explanation for everything we’ve been witnessing happen in our nation and the world for a while, but especially accelerated since the election of Donald Trump (DT) – which sent the globalists/NWO into complete hysteria and meltdown. My intention and desire is not to try to defend every word or action of DT, but to try to make clear that the battle has honestly not been about him. The battle has been about globalism/the NWO vs. conservatism/populism (and truly, democracy – though you will also hear that accusation from the globalists as part of their gaslighting strategy). Anyone else who had dared step into that spot who was not willing to be a puppet of the globalist agenda would have become the same target for radical resistance, removal, and ruin by any means necessary. And because this is what the true battle is over, those of us who are conservatives/populists must not be fooled by globalists in conservatives’ clothing. There are a number of outstanding candidates running against DT for 2024, but regardless of how much we may like them on many levels, the most important question is whether or not they are on board with globalism/the NWO (the candidates sometimes referred to as Rhinos, or the old guard). If they are, they are just the other side of the coin from the progressive globalists and will continue to advance the NWO agenda down the field (as has happened for decades). There are only a few who do not fit that mold.

I pray all will understand that what we’ve observed since 2016 when a leader won office who refused to be controlled by the NWO is exactly what the PM of Malaysia described would happen in his full speech – a targeted operation to remove that leader through propaganda and other means and replace him with one who is fully submitted to the globalist system and agenda. There are actually videos of globalist leaders before the 2020 election warning that DT was a major threat to their global plans and must be stopped. And since that replacement occurred, the rapid acceleration of the INTENTIONAL undermining of our political system, national sovereignty and borders, our economic system, and our morality has resumed – just as the PM revealed is their goal. All of this is aided by mainstream media as the propaganda tool to deceive many into believing this agenda is righteous, or not really happening, and to despise those who try to expose and peacefully resist it as dangerous “enemies of the state” – as we’ve predictably and persistently been portrayed by this administration. (Predictable because it is the standard strategy of socialist/communist regimes throughout history).

Perhaps the Prime Minister’s speech didn’t go viral in 2015 (when it still might have been able to before shadowbanning and censorship became so prevalent) because at that point most people were not yet awakened to the reality of the things he exposes in his speech. Perhaps many still could not see. But looking back on it from 2023, I pray it’s glaringly obvious. Pray church, pray 🙏

Here’s the 8 minute edited version for those pressed for time. If you’re really pressed for time, you can scroll to 6:20 to hear him expose/confirm their plans for depopulation.


Here’s the full speech which I encourage everyone to take time to listen to at some point, if not now:

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