“No Sacrifice; No Victory” ~ “Have the ‘GUTS’ to Get in the ‘CAR’!” – part 1

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The Lord has brought so many confirmations of notes 4 & 5 since they were posted. Backing up several weeks to share a few…

Friday 2-21, though we were in another time of more intense seeking, I prayed that the Lord would lead us to anything He wanted/needed us to see. We wanted to set aside entertainment again, but I still prayed that if He needed to show us anything – even if it was through a movie – if we truly believed HE was leading us to it, we’d watch. As I was cleaning later that day, I found a movie on the floor in front of the TV that we had never seen. Someone had given it to us years ago and we’d started it once, but didn’t watch much and had never finished it. I didn’t even remember we had it and had no idea why it was on the floor since we hadn’t laid eyes on it in years. When I saw it, I remembered that very recently I’d heard James Goll say that this movie was prophetic and I’d made the mental note that we should probably bite the bullet and see it. Believing this could be the Lord’s response to what I felt led to pray earlier that day, we started watching it that night. Part way in, I was thinking – surely this CAN’T BE what James was saying is SO prophetic. I was certainly not being blown away with symbolism like in other movies the Lord’s led us to see. At that point, we researched online and discovered there were 3 movies in the series! (Clearly, we’re way out of the loop on these things). We realized James must have been referring to the most recent one. I prayed that even if God just led us to this first one with the ultimate goal of getting us to realize we needed to watch the third, that He’d still speak something to us through this first one so that finishing it was not a total waste. Sure enough, He did!

The movie was Transformers. He only spoke a couple of things to us through the first one, but they were powerful. In prophetic imagery a car (or any vehicle) can represent your destiny ~ a “vehicle” to your destiny. There’s a scene where Sam and Mikayla realize what his “CAR” (destiny) REALLY is. When Sam still tells her to get in, she hesitates, so Sam says –

“…when you’re looking back on your life, don’t you want to know YOU HAD THE ‘GUTS’ TO GET IN THE CAR!?”

Knowing that cars can represent the vehicle to your destiny and that the Lord has been speaking to us repeatedly about having the “GUTS” to fulfill our destiny (as mentioned in previous notes), I felt that word shoot straight through me to “the city of my soul”! He had also been speaking about the need to trust and take the leap of faith, and repeatedly of the need to say “YES” to Him (accepting the assignment/call). So we’ve been praying along these lines. These themes have also been connected to things mentioned in note 5 (Taking Back Lost Territory parts 1-4), about needing to draw as close as possible in a posture of complete surrender and total commitment, willing to lay all on the altar of sacrifice in order to yield to His plan. For many months this message has repeatedly been connected with the story of Hannah (so we’ve been calling it the “Hannah sacrifice”), whose vow to dedicate what God birthed through her brought forth the answered prayer of giving birth to Samuel. As it turns out, Sam is the main character’s name in these films. Sam (a diminutive of Samuel) means Name of God (understanding that a “name” in the Bible denotes a person’s character ~ therefore we could also imply, the Character of God). It also means to hear, to listen, to obey. This name therefore represents one who hears the Lord, understands what He’s saying, and obeys ~ in doing so manifesting/displaying the character of God in their life. Mikayla means “who is like God?” ~ representing one who has confidence from knowing that He alone is God and there is no other, none can compare to Him (Exodus 15:1-19 [v.11], II Chronicles 6:14, Psalm 89:5-18 [v.6-8]; 113).

Another line the Lord quickened was the “family motto” from the film. It was mentioned 3 times, but I didn’t really hear it until the 3rd time, after Sam risked his life to save the nation and then said ~ “No sacrifice; no victory.” Both of these phrases go along with the theme of notes 4 & 5 (and previous messages in the past 3 years) about having to pay the price, fully surrender, be ready and willing to sacrifice all in order to fulfill our assignments. God has continued to confirm this theme in multiple other ways as well.

As we’ve asked Him for CONVICTION to the point of being FULLY PERSUADED and for further revelation about what we need to do to “have the GUTS to get in the car,” He led us back to the message about Pilate AGAIN ~  (included below)

“Wanting to satisfy the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas to them. He had Jesus flogged, and handed him over to be crucified.” Mark 15:15 

We are living in a time when what many call spiritual enlightenment, God calls apostasy. He is watching to see what we will do with Jesus – with His Word – with The Truth. Pilate was willing to stand up for Jesus as long as it didn’t cost him anything. But what will we do when Jesus (His Word, The Truth) puts us in an unpopular position with many around us? What if standing by Him (His Word, The Truth) puts us in a dangerous position? Will we be like Pilate and hand Jesus (The Truth) over to be crucified by the crowds, desiring to satisfy them in order to save our reputation, our status, our popularity, our position, our ambition, our lives? Or will we stand up for Jesus and His Word even if it that unpopular or dangerous position jeopardizes and costs all?  

It’s not about us; it’s about Him and advancing His Kingdom in this earth, and it’s about the others He sends us to reach. God does and will ask us to go through things that do not seem PLEASANT, COMFORTABLE, or advantageous to us, things that result in death to self, in order to fulfill His will and purpose to reach the lost and those who have turned away from truly following Him. We might be the only witness He has to reach people in certain situations. Are we willing to follow Him and do whatever He asks us even when it costs us everything? Or are we only interested in “what’s in it for me?” If it’s hard, UNCOMFORTABLE, or has too high a price will we convince ourselves God wouldn’t ask us to do it? If we don’t understand His reasons why will we talk ourselves out of difficult assignments He gives? Or are we living sacrifices who are COMMITTED to take up our cross and follow Him wherever He leads? When we became Jesus’ disciples, He didn’t just give us His Spirit, power, covenant blessings and promises, He also gave us some nails and a cross. But the flesh will always try to convince us it’s OK to follow the path of COMFORT and self-preservation rather than the path of crucifixion. As the curtains draw to a close on this age, both light and darkness are reaching full maturity in mankind. I pray the church will not give the crowd the lawless “Barabbas” they are demanding and hand Jesus (The Truth) over to be crucified, but that we will stand by Jesus, His Word, the Truth and do all He asks regardless of the consequences.

“Then Jesus said to His disciples, If anyone desires to be My disciple, let him deny himself [disregard, lose sight of, and forget himself and his own interests] and take up his cross and follow Me [cleave steadfastly to Me, conform wholly to My example in living and, if need be, in dying, also]. For whoever is bent on saving his [temporal] life [his COMFORT and security here] shall lose it [eternal life]; and whoever loses his life [his COMFORT and security here] for My sake shall find it [life everlasting].” Matthew 16:24-25 AMP

Clearly, one way for Him to help us become fully persuaded is to speak/confirm the same messages to us as many times and in as many ways as necessary for it to become unmistakably and undeniably clear that HE is truly saying this ~ and that He’s not changing His mind. I couldn’t help but notice some of the key words of recent themes that were also in this message.

to be continued… (see part 2 here)

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