Something’s Afoot

(posted on FB Feb 8)

Something’s afoot…
The Lord’s given at least 3 more confirmations of the LIGHT vs. DARKNESS theme (that He began last weekend before the Superbowl w/ football terminology – link below) ~ each confirmation based on the same Scripture about Light/darkness.

He’s also given additional confirmations of all the notes this week:

I noticed last night that He had given me the word “INDOMITABLE” 3 times this week, meaning ~ “incapable of being defeated, overcome, or subdued; unconquerable: an indomitable warrior” ~ emphasizing that we must have this kind of indomitable spirit and courage to overcome what faces us now and what may come.

In addition, last year we requested a number of movies from the library and were put on the wait list for them (in varying places in the queue for each). For at least the past 3 wks we’ve been entertainment free, but this week 3 movies arrived for us at the library. I already knew the theme of one of them and expected it to be a prophetic message for us/God’s people, so I believed the timing of receiving this film was significant. But as we’ve watched them, it became clear beyond the shadow of a doubt that God had orchestrated for us to see all 3 of them together. We just finished watching the 3rd, and to our surprise all 3 of them had the same theme ~ the necessity of overcoming FEAR, to the point of becoming “FEARLESS,” in order to fulfill our destinies/do God’s will.
(Yes, I’m noticing that everything is occurring in 3s – the # of divine perfection in Scripture, signifying what is solid, substantial, real, essential, complete, and divine)

He also blessed us with additional confirmations of the “… the days of Noah” note that fit perfectly with the theme of the 3rd note (hopefully to be posted soon) and precise confirmations of the “Get Your “Super’ On” note.

So, praying that we are all getting prepared for whatever may come and that we will walk in His divine protection (as stressed in the Shield notes) where we are “UNREACHABLE” to the enemy (another word He gave multiple times a few weeks ago) . And that we will stretch forward, be strengthened, and stirred up in our faith to walk in His SUPERNATURAL, SUPERHUMAN, FEARLESS, INDOMITABLE, UNCONQUERABLE, UNSURPASSABLE, IMMOVABLE, UNSHAKEABLE, UNBREAKABLE, UNSTOPPABLE, BIONIC STRENGTH, POWER, and MIGHT to overcome EVERY word, work, weapon, obstacle, and attack of the kingdom of darkness in order to fulfill our destinies for His Kingdom and Glory!

Spiritual Superbowl Championship ~ Light vs. darkness 

Days of Noah

Get Your “Super” On

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