Stop Tuning Your Instrument and Start Making Music NOW

(FB post July 18)

What happens when, while you’re still free-falling from the last leap of faith God asked you to take, He’s already nudging you toward the next? OK, well to be fair, He only made clear what we were to Jump OUT of immediately, so – mid-air – we’ve still been seeking clarity about what we’re Jumping INTO. Hopefully these puzzle pieces continuing to come together are getting us closer to SEEING the next steps. Sharing this series of words b/c I believe it’s for others in this season too:
Saturday after praying, I “just happened” to come across a word the Lord gave me a while back ~

“Don’t spend more time tuning your instrument; start making music NOW.”

Then Sunday our pastor spoke more confirmations of the past words we’d received that went along with our theme about “TAKE ACTION NOW” (mentioned in Choosing the Glory Road to the Utmost Life )

That night in the chapter of Purpose Driven Life we read:

“Real servants do the best with what they have. (They) don’t make excuses, procrastinate, or wait for better circumstances. Servants never say, ‘One of these days’ or ‘WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.’ They just do what needs to be done. The Bible says, ‘If you wait for PERFECT CONDITIONS, you will never get anything done.’ God expects you to do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are. Less-than-perfect service is always better than the best intentions.” ~ Rick Warren

The next morning, I turned on a Paula teaching and within the first minutes heard:

“People are waiting for the PERFECT CONDITIONS – PERFECT TIMING – but the reality is no time is the perfect time to begin. There’s a quote from E.W. Howe that says, ‘Every successful man I have heard of has done the best he could with conditions as he found them and not waited until next year to be better.’ People say – ‘I’ll do it when’ – and then their ‘when’ never comes. That’s the time, especially as a Christian, when you step out on faith – the time you say – ‘I’m gonna get out of the boat and walk on the water.’ You cannot play it safe all your life – sometime, at some point, you have to be RISKY, you have to GO FOR what’s on the inside of you. …Go for your dream … I know everyone’s waiting for the perfect time, but you have to begin at some point, you have to STEP OUT and do something small, do something risky, do something out of your comfort zone, do something out of the norm to say I’m gonna START MOVING in the direction of building my dream….” ~ Paula White

As the week continued, God brought additional confirmations of words mentioned in the “Glory Road” link above as well ~ such as “Break the mold” and (Thinking/Living) “Outside the Boundaries” (via Joyce), more on leaps of faith, “stepping out,” and “Going for it” (from an email my dear friend, Tamra, sent me from some well-known prophetic voices), and others.

“…boldness is necessary in order to be led by the Holy Spirit, because He may not always lead us to do what everyone else is doing. Some insecure people tend to feel “safer” doing what others do. They are fearful of standing alone or going against the crowd. But sometimes God calls us to do something new or different, and we need to be willing to “BREAK THE MOLD” and do whatever He asks. … Any time we step OUTSIDE THE BOUNDARIES of what other people say is permissible or “right,” we risk being judged or criticized. (Some) give in to the expectations and demands of others rather than face disapproval and possible rejection. We must be secure in God and not allow such things to keep us from following the Holy Spirit and fulfilling our God-given purpose. Do you really believe you are doing what God created you to do or have you allowed other peoples’ opinions to cause you to hold back? Great joy and many good things are waiting for you as you MOVE FORWARD WITH COURAGE into all God has called and created you to do! What is it that you sense God is calling you to do, but have lacked confidence to do in the past? BREAK THE MOLD, and BE BOLD and be bold!” ~ Joyce Meyer

Since more confirmations (of these things He began speaking to us several months ago) are now coming from so many directions, I believe it’s a seasonal word for many of us to not spend more time “tuning our instruments,” waiting to improve, or waiting for the right conditions/time, but to take the bold and risky steps of faith required to “start making music now.” Continuing to pray for us all to receive every divine instruction needed to clearly see, hear, perceive, and understand all He’s asking us to do to “take action now” and “make things happen” toward fulfilling our destinies for His Kingdom and Glory!

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