The Inception of Inversion

Inversion: a change in the position, order, or relationship of things so that they are the opposite of what they had been (

Inversion. It’s a word God’s been speaking to us about and a concept He’s been highlighting since 2011 when He began to show us the roots behind some of the teachings to which we were exposed.

There’s nothing quite so bizarre or baffling as witnessing something being misinterpreted and misunderstood to the degree that it actually ends up being presented and applied in the exact opposite way from what was originally intended. Yet, this complete twisting and perversion has become increasingly prevalent and popular in the world all around us.

After showing us how degrees of inversion were creeping into the church in a masked form, God had also drawn our attention to how it was occurring in many other places as well, reversing roles and flipping facts in an attempt to rewrite history and reshape culture. We have seen it occurring in school curriculum, in supposedly Biblical films such as Noah (wrapped in the snake skin of Kabbalah), in revisions of fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty (“Maleficent”), and in every other sphere today where we see good being redefined and re-presented as evil and evil as good. I realized God was exposing this growing trend to others when my brother and his family visited us earlier in the year. My ears were perked and heart on high alert when, in our conversation about pop-culture, he identified “the inversion” that’s taking place more and more. I knew God was continuing to confirm.

The Lord began heavily emphasizing this again when we heard the shocking news of the five pastors in Houston who were subpoenaed for their sermons, from those ironically citing “the separation of church and state” as justification for their extraordinarily unconstitutional actions. These words from Thomas Jefferson (in a private letter, not the constitution) have been misused for years to try to banish Christianity from our schools and government. But we’ve recently seen them taken to the extent of trying to evict religious convictions from people’s decisions affecting their private businesses, medical practices, ministries, and now churches. The very words written to further ensure our Constitutional protection from the government, prohibiting them from making laws that inhibit our religious freedoms, are being used to attempt to do the precise thing they were intended to prevent. Inversion.        

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit the free exercise thereof.”

After multiple confirmations that this was a topic the Lord wanted me to address, when I began to peer further down the rabbit hole, I was amazed to discover that one of the definitions given for inversion is same-sex attraction/relations. Knowing how this issue has taken center stage in both the church and nation, and is at the root of many other things occurring to invert God’s Word and will in society, I knew this was no coincidence.

As the Lord has revealed repeatedly in the past 4 years, what’s happening in the natural realm is merely a mirror reflection of what’s been happening in the spiritual realm. 

He first exposed the growing inversion to us a number of years ago by showing us the foundational teachings of a cult whose belief system is based on an inversion of truth spanning all the way back to the genesis of mankind. This belief system portrays Yahweh, the Creator (the Only True and Living God), as a villainous “god” – the enemy of man – while depicting lucifer (satan, the serpent) as a benevolent “god” who took compassion on man and helped him break free from the tyrannical oppression of Yahweh‘s unreasonable rules, which were only intended to keep him in subjection and oblivious to his own ability to be as God (or to be as his own god). In other words, those who adhere to this view still believe the snake’s original version of the story that deceived Adam and Eve. Embracing this inverted retelling of the events of Eden naturally encourages man to cast off Yahweh‘s “oppressive” message of Lordship in favor of lucifer’s lawless message of “do as thou wilt.”

Of course, to avoid being rightly identified by Bible believers who would never purposefully reject Yahweh to follow satan, these ideas have been slightly repackaged for Christendom. This rendition retains the good god/bad god concept, but wisely dispenses of the names Yahweh and lucifer, casting both merely as people’s idea, view, or concept of God. Yet make no mistake, the True God, Yahweh, is still being portrayed as the villainous God (depicted as the false view of God – and even as the enemy) while the serpent is still being portrayed as the loving and benevolent God who gives you freedom from Yahweh‘s boundaries and invites you to do as you please.

As mentioned in Signs of the End – part 1 (through the analogy of the bizarro world), we believe God also showed us that this spreading inversion (the message of lawlessness) is the enemy’s forerunner message to prepare the way for the antichrist (the inversion of God’s forerunner message of repentance which prepares the way for Christ). And as He highlighted through Dark of the Moon, with every new inversion that’s embraced and established in our society, the pillars of the enemy’s kingdom are being erected and drawing his kingdom to earth (Dark of the Moon – part 2).

Of course, we know that the true inversion that occurred in the garden of Eden came through the words satan hissed through his snake-suit, deceiving mankind by insinuating that God’s boundary was cruelly withholding something from them that they really ought to have. Thus the inception of inversion entered the earth through the devil, who’s continued his mission to completely twist and pervert God’s Word, will, and world ever since.  

To be continued… (part 2 here ~ Reversion)

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