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FB post from 3-9:

So many jaw dropping confirmations again in yesterday’s sermon! Wanted to share at least one small portion that I hope will bless others…
Saturday, I “just happened” to meditate on/confess these things from one of our plethora of pages of confessions:
“We do not look at the size of the giants (obstacles, symptoms, challenges, opposition) and compare ourselves to them, feeling like grasshoppers in their sight who can’t overcome; we look at the size of our GOD. We compare the giants to HIM and realize they are grasshoppers in His sight. They don’t have a chance. Their protection has been CUT OFF, but God is WITH US to cause us to inherit the land He has promised. Therefore, we are WELL ABLE to defeat all opposition, overcome every obstacle and hindrance, and take possession of all God has promised.

We remain calm, confident, and collected when confronted with challenges, knowing that as we move in faith to do what the Lord tells us to we will find a way to overtake the enemy and defeat him.

We CHANGE OUR PERSPECTIVE toward challenges in life – the GIANTS ARE OUR BREAD! Our battle with them will only serve to make us Stronger. God is making us into the WARRIORS He has called and destined us to be – who KNOW the VICTORY is already ours before the battle even begins. He is turning every area of spiritual weakness into supernatural FORTITUDE. He is making us spiritually TOUGH – causing His IRON to enter our souls – causing us to be made of STEEL. We are His IRON PILLARS – immovable, unbreakable, unshakeable and unstoppable. We win the battle first in our hearts and minds, knowing we are the ones who are still standing on the other side in VICTORY and the enemy is completely crushed under our feet.”

The next day our pastor preached on CHANGING OUR PERSPECTIVE toward our problems and challenges in life – recognizing that they serve to make us stronger and help us go to the next level!! We hear you Lord!!

For anyone who needs more encouragement along these lines, reposting the links to the notes from last year that emphasize these things!
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